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Title: Columbia PureBond Maple Ply and FastCap Fastedge
Post by: bkharman on August 28, 2017, 06:38 PM
Hey everyone,

I am hoping that some fine fellow on this site has ordered and used PureBond pre-finished maple plywood (sold at the Pro desk at HD).  I want to use it for a pantry organization project I am working on and was wondering how nice it is.  It is a small pantry, so not a huge deal if it isn't the greatest, but need it to be plumb and true.

I also was looking for which FastCap FastEdge would go best with it.  Normally, I wouldn't use the edge tape, but I thought this might be a good project to get it involved.  I am still on the fence, but want to match it up best I can with the above mentioned ply.

Any idea which of the 5 Maple colors would best match the pre-finished PureBond?  I still might skip it and use actual maple to edge it, but not 100% dedicated yet.  Thanks in advance.

Cheers.  Bryan.