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I have a lot of extra Centrotec stuff that I don't need any longer.  I'm not going to try and post pictures because there are too many items, but suffice to say they are all in good to excellent condition. If you're unsure about wanting to buy something without seeing it, send a PM with your email address and/or cell number and i will email or text pictures of the items you are interested in seeing.

Festool stuff

1.   Lots of drill bits and holders from 3 mm to 6.5 mm.  Part numbers are 493421 through 493428. These come with a new bit in the holder, two new bits, and a hex wrench, just as the way Festool ships them.  The only exception is the 3 mm drill bit holder:  these have only a new bit in the holder and no extra bits.

3 mm            $5
3.5 mm          $6
4  mm            $6
4.5 mm          $7
5 mm             $8
5.5  mm         $9
6  mm            $9   
6.5  mm        $10   

2.  Bit holders, numerous available

  BH 60 CE-imp  part # 498974 , this is 60 mm long      $14/each     one left     *all sold*
  BV 150 CE part  # 492540, this is 150 mm long          $14/each    * all sold *

3.  Counter sink, QLS 2-8mm CE part # 492520, one available, new in package    $ 30      *sold*

Non-Festool stuff, Centrotec compatible

1.  Atlas Tool (Canada) impact-rated square drive, numerous available #1  #2  #3 square drive, some unused, some slight wear on tip   $ 3/each

2.  Snappy brand Vix bits for hinge drilling, numerous available, 7/64" and 9/64"   $10/each   
   * all sold *

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I found a few more centrotec bits so I still have two complete sets 3.0 mm thru 6.5 mm.  For each size there is the drill bit holder with a new (or nearly new) drill bit in it, a hex key, and two new drill bits.

I'm off to USPS to ship items tomorrow and would like to clean these out of the shop.  How about $ 50/shipped for a complete set of eight centrotec bits holders, hex keys, and 16 spare drill bits....

Also, there are two of each size ( #1 / #2 / #3  )  of the Atlas brand, impact-rated, square drive centrotec bits.  $ 3/each

**All items have sold**
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