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Craftsman Wall mounted Dust Collector 22314
« on: December 27, 2010, 10:05 PM »
Craftsman Wall mounted Dust Collector 22314

When floor space is a premium, this exclusive system mounts easily on shop wall for convenient, portable dust collection. Designed for use with one tool at a time, unit features 1-1/2-hp motor with enough power to remove sawdust & small wood chips & shavings. Durable steel impeller & 2-1/2-in. port. Includes 3 collection bags, 1-6 ft. flexible hose, 1 micron cleanable filter, mounting brackets.

I have about 3 hours time on this. It looks new. If you do not have a Festool CT this will work very well with the Festool sanders. The nice thing about this when used as a shop vac is that it is not the whining sound of a regular shop vac. A very quiet  induction motor. It works more like a dust collector than a shop vac though.

Again this IS NOT near as powerful and a different animal as the Festool Vacs.

I paid 275.00 plus tax  New.

200.00 includes shipping to USA 48
. This is a big heavy box, I am eating a nice shipping fee on this.

I believe "General" out of Canada made this for Craftsman. I included a picture of the General model(though a lower HP).

I have all the mount parts and hoses etc and of course 100% money back guarantee, you must get it back to me at your cost. It works and looks new. I believe I have the original box.

It takes a clear collection or regular bag at the bottom, NOT paper! Just like in the General picture.

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