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Festool VS600 Joinery system for sale
« on: April 02, 2007, 12:25 PM »
Below are the Festool list prices, you can double check them on the website.  At the bottom is the amount I want for it all.  If you decide to buy it, you will get exactly what you would get from Festool except for the cardboard packages.  The condition is just like new.  Excellent, Mint.

Jointing system VS 600    $299.00  <= the main unit

Template kit SZO 14, VS600       $109.00  <= includes 2 templates for through dovetails
Template Kit SZO 20, VS600         $109.00  <= includes 2 templates for through dovetails

Slot joint unit FZ 10, VS600        $61.00    <= single template for finger joints

the bushing rings for the 1010 router are included with these sets and not extra cost
the bushing rings for the 1400 router do cost extra:

for the set they would come to just over $25.00   you would only want them if you get the 1400 router, which I might suggest since only the 1400 will go up to a 1/2", the 1010, though very powerful, lighter and nice to use will only take 1/4" and 8mm bits.

router bits for the above templates:

491 164    $27.00 
491 165    $38.00
490 978    $44.00   

490 980    $53.50

ok then here's some totals:

299+109+109+61+27+38+44+53.50 = $740.50
So, if one were to order this from any dealer it would cost about $800 when you figure in tax for California and the minimum shipping of $10.00....  However, let's use just the list prices...

So, 75% of $740.50 would be $555.37

Let's call it $550 for all the items.

Thanks for your interest,

Stephen     707-778-3198      email to

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