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Festools for Sale in Canada
« on: February 12, 2018, 05:52 PM »
Have Festools For Sale in Canada (All prices listed are in CDN$)

I'm TheCedarGuy with Festools For Sale in Canada

I'm on the East Coast of Canada in Labrador (Province of Newfoundland-Labrador)

I will be selling my (NEVER USED) MFK 700 EQ Router Set (with all of its' accessories), Standard Vertical Threaded Base, Dust Extraction Hood, 8mm Collet Only, 1.5 degree Horizontal Base w/Dust Extraction Hood, Feeler Bearing Set, Parallel Edge Guide w/Dust Extraction Hood (extra Purchase), Plug-It Cord, Wrench and Systainer Sys 2 T-LOC (My cost $967.15 Selling for $700 Plus Shipping

Also, Vecturo OS 400EQ Set which includes several Blades, Vecturo Depth Stop OS-TA, Vecturo Plunge Base OS-AH and Systainer Sys 2 T-LOC with Attic Storage (No plastic insert was broken and discarded) Used half dozen times in Mint condition (My cost $977.50 and Selling for $650 plus Shipping

HSK Hand Sander Block w/D22 x 5m Hose (has Dust Extraction Connection) plus RTS400/LS130 Granat Sanding Paper Set (98 Sheets remaining Grits ranging from 80 to 400) in a divided Systainer Sys 1 T-LOC (Sanding Paper compatible with HSK Hand Sander Block) My cost 469.20 and for $240 plus shipping

CT Wings (never used) My Cost $78.20 and Selling for $50 plus Shipping

Sealing Slide (Blast Gate) for CT Dust Extractors   My cost $92 and Selling for $50 plus shipping

Parallel Guide Set (never used) My cost $542.80 Selling for $375 plus Shipping

Would probably consider a complete package price that could reduce shipping costs

If interested send me a private message.

If any of my fellow FESTOOL Users know of a better place on FOG to post Tools for Sale I would greatly appreciated your suggestions
Kapex (w/UG Kapex, KA-UG-L, KA-UG-R) CT36AC w/Hose Storage, TS 55RQ, MFT 1080/2 (2), MFT 1400/2 (2), CMS Router Table GE Set, RO OF1400 EQ, MFK 700 EQ Set, CT48E, RO 90DX FEQ, RO 125FEQ, ETS 125EQ, HSK Hand Sanding Block w/D22x5m hose, CT48E w/Boom Arm & Hose Storage, PS300 EQ-Plus, Vecturo OS 400EQ, CXS Drill Plus, MFT/3 Table Set & MFT/3 Basic, Parallel Guides Set, SysRoll Systainer/Storage Dolly

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