Author Topic: SOLD: Festool RTS 400 EQ Orbital Finishing Sander in Sys, 700 Granat sheets.  (Read 425 times)

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For those in the Continental USA I am selling my Festool RTS 400 EQ Orbital Rectangular Finishing Sander + 700 Granat StickFix sheets + more as a complete package on eBay.

I am a home hobbyist woodworker and do not do commercial work. I am getting on in age and am no longer using my RTS 400 EQ system which I purchased from Amazon in June 2015.

At the time of my RTS purchase, I also bought two Festool abrasive storage systainers for the RTS 400 sheets and a very extensive collection of Festool RTS 400 Granat Abrasives. 8 packages of Granat abrasives in all. When you take a look at the photos and videos you'll see that I have a set that should serve you well. All of this in included in the sale.

I have used some of the Granat sandpaper but I've tried to show in my photos what you will be getting. I did not count the quantity of each grit size so please use your judgment based on the photos/videos and bid accordingly, I estimate you'll get over 700 unused pieces.

For a 2 minute video of what you will be getting see Overview in my video folder.  Other videos show details of the RTS 400 being sold and a YouTube video showing operation and use of the RTS 400.  FYI, the YouTube video was not made by me.

There are also lots of photos in the Photos folder and the Documents folder has the manual and other info.

If interested, please bid on my eBay auction, where you can also find more details.

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