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FS: FlipTop vacuum press with Systainer storage
« on: January 04, 2018, 10:28 PM »
I built this vacuum press and Systainer storage table five years ago using a FlipTop frame press from Vacuum Pressing Systems in Maine as the primary component. The lower part of the unit has 32mm based cabinets, drawers and Systainer storage with Tanos® pull-out drawer systems.An auxiliary top can be placed on top of the polyurethane membrane to protect it while also providing a nice assembly/work surface when the press isn't in use.

The press has a clamping capacity of 44" x 93" and is ideal for flat and low profile curved work. The Systainer storage compartments can be configured to hold many combinations of Festool products and the moveable sliding shelves can be reconfigured or added to with additional pull-out drawers/shelves from Festool.

The legs are 4”x4" steel welded to 2” steel angle, then primed and painted with gray enamel. I constructed the 2" thick torsion box top from 3/4" MDF and solid Cherry. The nylon glides under the legs are height adjustable and 3.5" in diameter and make it possible to slide the whole thing across a smooth floor. I estimate the total weight at about 700 pounds.

I'd like to sell the whole unit for $2400 picked up at my shop near Asheville, NC or there's a good chance I can deliver it to you for a very reasonable fee. For reference, the main individual components sell for: $1451 (FlipTop press), $889 (pump), $192 (pull-out drawers), $577 (cabinet components and hardware), and the steel fabrication cost $450. A total of $3559. Of course, that doesn't include any of my design and labor cost, which we all know is worth millions.

Just to be clear, none of the Festool products shown are included. They only illustrate how I have used the table and storage.

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