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Piece of Junk DeWalt 433 belt sander $10 - SOLD
« on: October 08, 2017, 06:28 PM »
***************  SOLD  ***************

I have a nearly new DeWalt 433 sander that is a piece of junk.  However, it never was in excellent condition, even when it was new.  In my experience, any one of my Festool Sanders, as well as my Makita 1/2 sheet sander, can outperform the DeWalt over the long run because the DeWalt can't track properly and keeps throwing belts due to excessive heat.  It's not all bad - when I just need a belt sander for 2 minutes or so at a time, with a big dust-ball of a mess, with long cool-down periods in between, I have been known to reach for it.  Since I have only done that once or twice since I bought it, it needs to go because it is taking up valuable shop space that could be used for something useful.

So here's the deal.  For $10 plus shipping, I'll send it to you, otherwise I'm just going to throw it out.  I'd give it to my grandkids to take apart, but they are not interested in power tools yet.

BTW - it is one of the few tools I've ever seen on Amazon that has 66% one-star reviews.

So why am I even posting it on FOG?  Here are a couple of reasons:
*  You might have used one and like it.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.  Who am I to judge?
*  Maybe you or your kids or grandkids can take it apart and use the motor, gears, and drive belts in a cool project.
*  It's a hunk of metal and plastic.  I really don't want to put it in the landfill if it's not necessary.
*  For those of you with a Kapex, it might make you feel a little better since a working Kapex is at least well suited to it's job.  If something goes wrong with a Kapex, you can get it fixed for less than the price of a new one.  This sander is truly much crappier than that.

So sarcasm aside, if you want it, $10 plus shipping via PayPal.  The offer is good for two weeks - after that it's going in the trash.
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