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Shaper Insert Tooling
« on: May 15, 2018, 01:22 PM »
Decent amount of cutterheads for sale. All except the freud sets are steel heads made by riverside, Unique, or misenheimer in the USA. The Freud heads are aluminum. Most are 1-1/4". A few are either 1.5" or 40mm bore. I have sleeves to take those down to 1-1/4" if you are interested.

Freud insert sets including cope, stick, and raised panel head with insert knives is $500 shipped in the US. This is $900+/- new, and 80% of the knives are brand new. 1-1/4" bore with a bushing included to take it down to 3/4" if necessary. Groovers for the cope/stick sets are brand new. I lost the original inserts.

The other heads will be around $100-200 a head depending on which one(s) you want. Some of the cutterheads are matched profiles for making doors, and will need to be sold together. These are $500+ cutterheads EACH, so this is a bargain. All companies are still in business. All companies still provide support for buying new knives. I think they are about $20 on average per knife. Two stark shear rebate heads with knickers. A couple of universal raised panel heads. A few dedicated raised panel heads. Finally, the remainder are sets for making a variety of door styles, and i believe one set for making flooring. Let me know if you have interest, and i can email you close up photos etc. Otherwise, i would be attaching 50 photos to this thread.

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