Author Topic: Trade: Milwaukee M18 charger + battery for Dewalt 20V Flexvolt charger + battery  (Read 664 times)

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Long story -- but due to some screwiness with the Dewalt cordless nailer I tried to order over the past week from the HD sale, it may be that I have to settle in the meantime for a bare-tool, without the battery or charger.  In the meantime, though, I pulled the trigger on a great deal for a 15 ga. Milwaukee cordless nailer.  Since I already have that platform, I will have a spare M18 charger and battery.  So I want to put feelers out to see if anyone might be interested in an apples for apples trade whereby I would ship them the M18 charger and battery in exchange for them sending me a Dewalt Flexvolt charger and battery.

This is still potential, as I have to confirm whether I can secure the Dewalt bare-tool immediately (as opposed to waiting a month until the full kit gets restocked), and I also want to put the Milwaukee nailer through its paces during the small return window just to make sure it's not a crapper like some of the reviews have suggested.  But I do want to at least gauge interest.

So if you would make this trade, send me a PM. 
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