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I have a brand new Woodpeckers DF 500 Offset base system (metric, in a black systainer) with all accessories which I would be willing to sell. I am not a woodworker and do not use my Domino on a regular basis. When I was planning the job of rebuilding my stairs and making skirt boards and trim pieces, I figured that the Woodpeckers' one time tool, DF 500 offset base system, would be of significant help. So I ordered it. As it turned out, my project moved forward faster than I expected, while shipment of the DF 500 system was delayed by two months. As the result, I found a suitable workflow and finished my stairs even before the set arrived.

I got it from Woodpeckers today, opened the box to inspect the contents, everything is in place and feels and looks top quality. It would be nice to keep this "toy", but now I can use this money for something else. Additionally, I am close to running out of available storage space. I am willing to sell it for the price which I paid. I will only sell the complete set, everything that I got. I will not sell parts of it separately. The total price is $644.95 + shipping.

The weight of the box is 16.3 Lbs, and the dimensions are 20" x 15" x 8.5". I will only ship it to the continental US. I paid around $21 for ground shipping from Woodpeckers, so I estimate that your shipping cost will be in the range up to $30 depending on your zip code. You can use cost estimator on to determine the actual price.  I am in 97229 (Portland, OR). Send me a PM if you are interested. If the set gets sold (or I change my mind about selling it), I will either delete this post or will add a note that it is no longer available.

You can find a detailed description of what it is, including videos and pictures, on the woodpeckers' site:

The complete list of what I have is as follows:

(This list is a picture hosted on external server, if you cannot see it, try a different computer or send me a PM with a request to send this image off-line. I did not realize I can use the more convenient "attachment" feature on this forum until later. It is the offset system with every metric accessory that Woodpeckers offered).

If you have missed the opportunity to order this one-time tool in the fall of 2014, this is your chance to buy it now at the same price. As I wrote above, I will only sell it as a complete package, which means everything that you see on the list. The price is firm.

Added 4/24: There was a question of preferred method of payment. I can do PayPal. I can send an itemized invoice (including shipping cost) and ship the next day after PayPal transaction goes through. PayPal has an added benefit of a standard buyer protection provided by PayPal. I can do a personal check as well, but it has to be a check for the exact amount and there will be a 10 day hold prior to shipping to clear the funds.

Update 5/2: This set has been sold.
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Someone asked me for pictures, so I took them: