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Woodpeckers One-Time Tools
« on: August 05, 2017, 11:03 AM »
Most are new and never used
I'm only looking to recover what I originally paid.  I'm not marking them up due to their limited production

DOVETAIL MARKERS in ratios 1:6, 1:7 and 1:8 -- Set of 3 for $70 + shipping (*ALL BRAND NEW*)
Description from Woodpeckers:

If you've tried cutting dovetails by hand, you know that it takes some skill and lots of practice.  It doesn't require power tools but the hand tools you need do have to be sharp and accurate.  Among the tools you need is a dovetail marking gauge.  This device helps to create consistent, matching angles on both faces of the pin and tail boards.

Over the years there have been many similar designs of dovetail markers, all with the same objective:  to trace the dovetail pattern onto both sides of the board in exactly the same position.  Doing this typically requires using a square to transfer the marks across the end grain of the board.  This additional step with a separate tool can lead to errors.

To help make the process a little easier and more accurate, the Woopeckers Dovetail Marking Gauges have a center leg that matches up exactly with the dovetail edge so once you have it in position you can mark the angle and the end grain mark in a single step.  Then by flipping the gauge to the opposite face, the same leg can easily be lined up with the existing mark.  The half opposite the dovetail gauge is a straight 90 degree saddle square.  This is used if the board thickness is greater than one inch.

These precision marking gauges are machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminum to assure consistent accuracy and anodized for durability.  Each is engraved with the ratio and angle in degrees.

There are different schools of thought as far as what angle to use for a particular type of wood.  A general guideline is as follows; 1:8 for softwood, 1:6 for hardwood and 1:7 for general purpose.

BAR GAUGE SYSTEM includes all lengths and accessories -- BGSET-24, BGBARS-96, BGBARS-48, BGBARS-36, BGBARS-12, BGBAR-EXT, BGBAR-EXT, TRMHD-SET, carbide SCRIBE-TIP and an extra carbide SCRIBE-TIP -- $340 + shipping (*ALL BRAND NEW*)
Description from Woodpeckers:

Introducing the perfect tool for super-accurate inside measurements.  Without the use of a tape measure you can instantly create a gauge to the exact size needed, bring it to your saw, set the fence, make the cut and know it'll fit like a glove.

Scrap wood versions of Bar Gauges have been used for centuries.  Their benefits are unmatched.  Well now we've taken this tried-and-true tool to another level.  By combining the best materials, precision machining and a little innovation, we've made a tool that will last a life time and deliver accurate, repeatable results every time.

Say you need a close fitting rail in a cabinet face frame.  No problem.  Thread the Blunt Tips on your Bar Gauge, spread the tips against each side, lock the knob and presto, you have an exact gauge to set the stop on your saw.  This is even better than measure twice, cut once.

The Woodpeckers Bar Gauge uses telescoping stainless steel rods capped with brass tips designed specifically to fit accurately into corners, flat against sides and even down into narrow grooves.  Two separate aluminum bodies keep the guide bars aligned and solid-brass knobs keep it all clamped together.

The blunt-end tips are perfect for gauging the distance between cabinet parts for shelves, door and drawer openings and more.  When making built-ins, they are indispensable taking measurements between walls.  And they have dozens more uses.

Attach arrow-shaped tips to check if a cabinet, frame or drawer box is square by comparing the distance between diagonal corners.

Use the pin tips to measure the distance between cabinet parts like drawer sides to find the exact measurement for drawer bottoms, or other cabinet parts that nest in dados, rabbets or grooves.

The trammel head set accessory is perfect for those needing to draw large arcs on sheet goods.  It consists of (2) trammel heads that can be locked anywhere along the rod's length.  Each head can hold a pencil and a carbide tipped scribe.  Use the scribe as a pivot or to scratch a permanent mark.

The 12 inch range bar set has a measuring range of 8.25 - 14.875 inches
The 24 inch range bar set has a measuring range of 14.75 - 24.125 inches
The 36 inch range bar set has a measuring range of 21 - 36.125 inches
The 48 inch range bar set has a measuring range of 26.75 - 48.125 inches
The 96 inch range bar set has a measuring range of 51 - 96.625 inches
The 12 inch extensions extend the length of any of the bars by 12 inches
With the exception of the extensions, the bar lengths are just over half of their specified range.  Example:  96 inch range set consists of two 49 inch bars.

Description from Woodpeckers:

At first glance, winding sticks may not look very impressive, but they have been used for centuries to help woodworkers test boards and other surfaces for flatness.  Placed across the width of a board at opposite ends, winding sticks make any twist in the board plainly visible when your sightline is down the center of the board, perpendicular to the sticks.  In fact, the amount of twist is even measurable.  Gathering this information is critical as you select stock for a cabinetry or furniture project.  Winding sticks enable you to take corrective action so that your project doesn't go together with an unexpected skew.

Woodpeckers winding sticks are made from solid aluminum instead of from wood like winding sticks of old.  Unlike wooden versions, Woodpeckers Winding Sticks won't ever warp, swell or crack, thus becoming ineffective.

Because contrasting colors and lines aid in "reading" the sticks, we've provided three different sighting edges:  solid white, red with 2-1/2" long white segments near the ends and a full-length shiny "V" groove.  Recognizing that sticks often need to rest on rough sawn boards with uneven surfaces, we milled a recess along the full length of each stick's bottom edge to improve stability.

Woodpeckers Winding Sticks will help you take the twist out of boards and get the flat reference surfaces that are essential for exemplary work.  These sticks are also excellent for checking jointer beds for proper alignment.  Best of all, these sticks will perform just as well in your grandson's workshop as they do in yours.

The 7 inch sized pair is good for checking board edges
The 23 inch sized pair is good for checking board faces and cabinet doors
The 47 inch sized pair is good for checking full size doors and table tops
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Re: Woodpeckers One-Time Tools
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If you still see the descriptions and pictures, THE ITEMS ARE STILL FOR SALE.
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