Author Topic: Would like to purchase Domino XL tenons (singles) as samples  (Read 563 times)

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I recently acquired a used Domino XL.  I plan to make my own dominoes, but I would like to have a sample of each of 8,10,12 and 14 dominoes for reference.

Precut or cutoffs of about 2" from the 750MM rods would work fine.  From rods, I calculated that the total stock cost is less than a dollar.  Closer to $2 if ithe most expensive (longest) individual dominoes are used.

Shipping USPS first class by large envelope is fine and here are the rates:

3OZ  1.42
4OZ 1.63
5OZ 1.84
6OZ 2.05

Is $8 fair?  PM me if you can help.



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Re: Would like to purchase Domino XL tenons (singles) as samples
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I got some help on this.  Thanks!