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WTB - 14x100 Domino's & Flat Connectors
« on: October 07, 2018, 10:56 PM »
So I wrote in a previous thread how my heart was ripped out when we had to cut our 10.5'x3.5' Solid Oak 2" table in half!  It was so freaking sad. [scared]  [crying] Now I have to put it back together and will be looking to rent/borrow a Domino XL.  As a result, I also need a handful of Domino's but don't want to have to spend hundreds o a bunch of domino's I only need a few of.

I am looking for the following for the following:

6 - 14x100 Dominos
6 - XL Straight Joint Connector Set w/ the enlargement clips (

If someone is willing to sell me a few of the ones they have lying around...please get back to me with a price!  Thanks so much!

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