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Re: Custom Foam Inserts for Systainers
« Reply #30 on: October 07, 2018, 03:49 PM »
I've tried posting this pic multiple times but the FOG keeps throwing a 500 error and rejecting the post  [huh]  Giving it one more try.

I wanted to followup on my post with the solution I found.  I did a tour of the various big box hardware stores without finding a tool case that would work for me.  As a last resort I headed to HF.  What I found there surprised me.  HF is now selling a knock-off version of a Pelican case.  The case I found is built like a tank, complete with a seal, and filled with layers of pick-foam.  Unlike many other HF products, even the labels peeled off the case without leaving gluey residue. 

So, for under $50 (with the usual 20% off coupon) I found a nice solution to my problem. [thumbs up]  Here is a photo.

Thanks to everyone for your help

I know you mentioned a different drill was not an option, but have you ever looked at the Milwaukee 1680-20?  For what you described, it might work really well. I’ve one of those and it’s cordless counterpart. I much prefer them when in a high torque drilling situation.

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Re: Custom Foam Inserts for Systainers
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Thanks for the suggestion.  I expect the 1680-20 has enough torque but there are other aspects of the 1660-6 that make it ideal for cutting tenons in hickory logs.  First the handle design, with the auxiliary handle attached, forms a big T that makes the drill easier to control.  Second the 1660-6 is a fixed speed drill (450 RPM) that also makes it easier control and allows you to cut a smoother tenon.