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Re: Makita "Systainers"
« Reply #30 on: April 18, 2017, 03:28 PM »
You only need to unhook the 2 side latches and then slide the box to the rear. Makes it easier to detach and re-attach.

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Re: Makita "Systainers"
« Reply #31 on: April 18, 2017, 06:46 PM »
You only need to unhook the 2 side latches and then slide the box to the rear. Makes it easier to detach and re-attach.

I'm with you, Sal and slide the next box in place on top  I always leave the classic front latches at the highest position no matter whether they are stacked or not..  It makes the front latches easier to open with the tabs sticking up.

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Re: Makita "Systainers"
« Reply #32 on: June 04, 2017, 06:07 AM »
If it helps clarify... there has actually been 3 iterations of makita systainer and systainer-a-like boxes.

There have been some Tanos-made Classic Systainers that are pictured on this thread - makita-coloured plastic and red clips - these are exactly like any other Tanos-made classic

Theres a more recent 'Mak Pak' version - these are of Makita's own design but fully compatible with Classic Systainers and behave in exactly the same way as a classic despite being stylistically pretty different. They're not as nice to use as Classics though - the clips are really very stiff in use - slightly less so if you clip them to a real systainer, but two makpaks clipped together need to be pry-ed apart with a screwdriver and you have to slap the clips pretty hard to make them shut. They require so much force to open the clips often actually come off in your hand, although they slot back in again fine. The boxes are pretty durable but I've broken the lid of one (during a couple of years of use) having never broken a classic in nearly 10 years or pretty careless packing and transport. I suppose its some sort of testament to build quality that they've taken as much bash and prying to open and close as they have :-)

 The tabs just don't show any sign of getting more usable with use - I might have to try doing a bit of remodelling with a knife or file.

Theres a rare third variant too. Briefly makita sold tools in what appeared to be a clone of a classic systainer - but with metal buckles in the place of the plastic clips. Despite being styled in a very similar manner to the classic... they were actually a completely different size - about 5 - 10% larger. So... they didn't work with Systainers. Fair enough. What was baffling though is they didn't actually work with each other, despite the clips having the same fuctionality, position and range of movement as systainer ones my two boxes (the equivalent of a sys1 and a Sys4) didn't actually clip together. The smaller box lacked the tabs to allow a box to fit below it but also had a different style of clasp that could attach to the bottom of the larger box.

I got rid of the two of these I had pretty promptly, they just didn't make any sense. The Makpaks I have are going to slowly get replaced too if I can't get the clips to behave better.
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Re: Makita "Systainers"
« Reply #33 on: June 04, 2017, 09:09 AM »
@maccruiskeen ,

Thanks for that information!

For hard to operate latches you might want to spray them with Armorall.  That is a tip from the FESTOOL trainers and it has certainly worked for me in many cases.


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Re: Makita "Systainers"
« Reply #34 on: June 04, 2017, 03:53 PM »
Out of curiosity I popped the latches off of MakPak and a classic to see if swapping them over would reveal if it was the latch or case it clips to is the cause of the stiffness.... and that revealed the probable cause. Although the two types of case will attach to one another the latches are actually different, the makpak one are a fair bit shorter - neither latch works properly on the other type of case.

So a bit part of the problematic stiffness of the latches seems to be  them being shorter and providing you with less leverage to open them.

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Re: Makita "Systainers"
« Reply #35 on: June 05, 2017, 07:37 AM »
 I have not tried Peter's suggestion of Armorall on the few older Festool systainers and newer MAC packs that I have but I can see it doing the trick as it will work in much the same way as a quick spray of Multi Purpose silicon spray on the latches which I can vouch for, transforms that horrible stiff operation into becoming something quite smooth in comparison.

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Re: Makita "Systainers"
« Reply #36 on: June 05, 2017, 09:33 AM »
Not specific to Makita systainers but here is another way to make the Classic latches easier to open if you don't want Armorall, silicone or whatever oiling your latches.


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Re: Makita "Systainers"
« Reply #37 on: September 19, 2017, 12:59 PM »
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