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Frankentainer Stess Test
« on: April 16, 2017, 12:44 PM »
I've been working on a job that involves repairing and replacing rotten exterior window sills and moulding. Most of the work is on the second floor which means hauling tools up and down a ladder. Typically I go up and work off an extendable plank while the ground man sends up materials via a rope with a clamp attached. I use a multitool to cut out the rot as well as chisels, scrapers, awl, and foul language! The homeowner has mulched flower beds which don't look too good covered in Azek dust and chips which is what we used to make the repairs. I just purchased the Sys vac and I figured it would help with cleanup. The vac worked great not only to remove the debris from the Feintool but also when it was time to sand epoxy. I made a quick and dirty insert for the Frankentainer so that I had everything I needed to remove and replace the sills and moulding. With everything it weighed close to 25lbs! I stepped on the lid and broke the front of the lid and it had no effect on the handle being able to carry the load. Also the Frankentainer fits in my Werner ladder and makes a nice accessible tool holder.
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