Author Topic: Migrating my storage, SYS 1 Box won't shut with orange bin misplaced  (Read 1829 times)

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Hey gang,
So I'm moving a lot of gear into SYS storage. My parts collection is a bodge of mostly Stanley boxes with a few other make/models thrown in and I want to get at least some of my things on SYS so it's easier to move stuff from shop to shop. The insane Adam Savage Knappeheide/Sortimo systems are too pricey and hard to get so I got a few SYS 1 boxes to try out.

They are a bit heavy and big for the storage volume, I can live with that for the modularity of it, but I am confused by the big orange tray needing to live by the handle. Here's what I mean:
Leftmost is a proper box, middlesome is an improperly configured box, and if you shut the lid, at rightmost, your world will crumble.

I'm making a mountain out of a molehill probably but having that section unchangeable messes with my head. Is that just how it is? Even on the Festool site, they photographed a SYS 1 that won't close:

I guess if there's a configuration your OCD just has to have, you can nibbler out some of the bins to fit next to the handle.
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Yeah, that orange one has notches  for the lid braces  to fit. If you really want the other boxes to go in those locations just use the orange for a template and cut some notches in the other boxes. You will probably need to add cross notches in the sides of the other colors too.


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Prepare to cut insert as well. There aren't holes for other configuration.

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Noted, thanks all.
At least the inserts pop out and maybe a Dremel jig can chop these en masse and neatly.
That just seems very odd to me. Even the Stanley boxes and my cheap Homaks can be completely swapped around. And the Festool picture still shows an impossible configuration :} Whatever, if I get around to/have the need to chop them up I'll update this thread.