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Hello everyone, I am looking to start up a new company and I wanted to ask how many North American members would like to be able to get coloured systainers, sortainers and possibly custom coloured systainers and sortainers. Basically we are trying to get every systainer and sortainer that Tanos makes in every colour plus possibly custom colours. I will also most likely will be bringing back the First Aid Systainer but this time it will be for good no more limited time. Our main goal will be to provide North American companies with their own systainers and sortainers as well as I are going to try and get them into the medical field. The only way we will try and bring this to the consumer is if there is a lot of people wanting to have coloured and possibly custom coloured systainers and sortainers counting on that Tanos doesn't want me to order a large order of the custom colours. So if you want to see this come to North America please leave a comment, also if you can spread the word that there may possibly be a company that is bringing coloured systainers and sortainers to North America I would appreciate it. I will have more information about this in the next month or two because we are still in negotiations with Tanos as well as trying to find potential investors.
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I'm sure there is plenty of demand for this product and good on you.
 But I have to ask the question, why haven't Tanos tapped into what must be the largest market outside of Europe for this product before.

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Good idea, I would probably buy a few.
However, before you get too deep into this I would suggest you see if you can talk with Peter H. He can probably give you lots of insight on how feasible this is or isn't based on his Festainer experience.
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Yes please. Colors plus the full line available from one supplier (+NAINA) would be great!


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I would be interested in purchasing some.  Maybe a Woodpecker red one too!  Thank you.  Bill

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I would be interested in some depending on pricing- it would be hard for me to justify much of an additional cost for a color change.  Preference would be red with black tloc.

Good Luck as you plan your new venture!

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Good idea, I would probably buy a few.
However, before you get too deep into this I would suggest you see if you can talk with Peter H. He can probably give you lots of insight on how feasible this is or isn't based on his Festainer experience.

Always willing to be helpful / give advice.  Send me a PM if you are interested.


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Definitely interested. Mainly red and Blue on my end.  Also interested in the custom aspects as well.

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I don't know which one anymore, but one of the dealers participating here offered a pretty large selection of Tanos systainers for a couple of years.

They quit selling them.

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I would be interested.

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I would be interested in purchasing some.  Maybe a Woodpecker red one too!  Thank you.  Bill
The only way we would be able to do a woodpecker one is if we signed a contract with them and also only if no other company is using the same red as Woodpecker because that colour would already be a trade mark for that other company and we cannot duplicate colours. Also I just found out that to do a custom colour that Tanos doesn't already make and have in-stock we would have to place an order in the thousands to get that custom colour.

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I'm in for sure, like Seth said  + NAINA would be great

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I would definitly buy, I have seventy some and am presently keeping them sorted with different colored latchs.

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I am keen on the Tanos system, its been very well thought out. I'm sure your business plan has lots of market research to justify the distribution investment. You might want to talk to someone at Lee Valley; they have an arrangement with Tanos already to produce a few systainers for their Veratis offerings. LV is from Canada, much smaller market than the US. But they may have some ideas to share.

Here is a link to a couple of their offerings:,71990


Let us know how it goes!

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i would be very interested. i already have over 50 and need more.
color cordination wouuld be nice.

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@Kerf Design

If you are going all in on this venture you might want to investigate getting into the Tanos Mobil system.  To the best of my knowledge this system is not available in the US and that may be partially due to the cost.

I would also suspect that whereas the systems were designed for the Euro vans that only are now becoming more popular here that contributed just as much to the absence.

Right now you can purchase a Ford Transit Van and have it upfitted by different manufacturers including the Sortimo system.  In fact there are 12 different upfitters with facilities within 30 miles of the Ford plant in Kansas City for factory orders.

I believe that financing thru Ford may also be available which may help with the perceived cost.

Also having a US location might help with your costs when there is a large disparity in Canadian or US dollar to Euro currency.

Just a thought for you.

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I would be interested in different colors.  Good luck with your business!!!

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@Peter Halle
That article about SubTropolis is pretty cool. With 70% less energy costs and 50% lower lease rates, what's not to like?

Thanks for the interesting post.

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LV is from Canada, much smaller market than the US.

Lee Valley sells in the US. I just bought a black midi systainer during their free shipping offer.

I would probably buy a few Systainers in a different color. I might put my Dewalts in yellow Systainers.

The biggest issue I think would be the cost of stocking a variety of colors. Lee Valley sells the Tanos line in light grey with systainers also in black. Woodcraft sells Tanos in anthracite. They are decent sized companies and neither of them does a large variety of colors. When you have to stock 6-8 colors, the sheer number of boxes in stock becomes rather large given that Tanos probably has a specific minimum order for wholesale.

Good luck.

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I have been waiting for a company to bring the full Tanos line to the US. I would buy several.
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+1 on interest. I buy the grey from Lee Valley, and would pay a bit more to have some color selection.
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I'm in. Colors would be great, but the price has to be right. Access to all of the cool Systainer option parts would also be great!

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I travel to Europe 2 - 3 times per year and bring back 3 or 4 I buy on ebay over there.

I'd love a US source, and support your thinking for healthcare.

Good luck.

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I will let everyone know as soon as I know. But for pricing they would be pretty close to what the prices are right now maybe a little more or maybe a little less depending on what my wholesale prices would be because we would be placing very large orders if we can get contracts signed with Ford, Dodge, Mercedes & Freightliner for Trades people as well as contracts with EMT's, Firefighters, Hospitals, Search and Rescue, because those are going to be our main focus for bringing in these coloured Systainers. If we could get Lee Valley, Woodpeckers and other companies that have small coloured systainers that they sell to order through us. We are also looking at doing custom laser engraving for the systainers as well as we will be offering custom Kaizen foam inserts for your systainers. We do have a fall back if this doesn't work out so all I have to do is convince our investors of our other companies to see the potential of selling these coloured systainers and sortaines would be and once I do get them onboard I will let everyone here know when they will be in-stock and when you can start placing your orders. I want to say thank all of you for the positive comments and the interests.

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I don't know much, what I do know is:
Large MOQ. (boats)
Long wait.   (boats)   

This guy used to stock Tanos in many flavours if you're interested in reaching out to him for input.

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I would be interested. I think colors of other tool manufacturers would be good...I'm currently trying to put together a sys for my Milwaukee m12 stuff.
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I like the strength of my Milwaukee cases, but just about every one is a different size. I'd like to see (buy) Systainers with red lids and black bottoms with black handles and red turn-buckle nobs. Am I asking toooo much? lol

- Rich
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I keep my Milwaukee M12 & 18V in Tanos systainers I buy from Lee Valley.  I put Red latches on them to differentiate them.  I actually have put all extensive tool collection into systainers,... Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Metabo, PC, Fein, and various others.  The latches are how I know what is in them.  Between the Festools and the rest I have at least 85, 13 of them being Midis.  I keep all the parts for my CMS in a Maxi.  I also have various distinct process parts in 15 Minis.
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    • Woodcraft - Tanos Systainers
I have been waiting for a company to bring the full Tanos line to the US. I would buy several.
Woodcraft is the exclusive US distributor for Tanos systainers.  We are expanding the offering and colors will be available soon.  Custom color combinations can be ordered.