Author Topic: Prebena Aerotainer 245 Systainer Compressor for £239.99 - Any good?  (Read 3085 times)

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I've been looking at the systainer compressor offerings and I'm doing a comparison.  I'm new to air; I'd like to use air for riveting, stapling and nailing, mostly lighter stuff.  I think riveting would be the most taxing and the gun I'm looking at needs between 4-7 bar so all compressors below would work.

Schneider SYM 150-8-6 WXOF A911000
Bar 8
PSI 116
HP ?
Weight (kg) 13
Sys 4
DB 89
Tank (litres) ?
Price   £321.41

Senco PCS1290
Bar 8.6
PSI 124.73
HP 0.72
Weight (kg) 16.5
Sys 4
DB 90
Tank (litres) 4
Price   £414.00

Prebena Aerotainer 245
Bar 8
PSI 114
HP ?
Weight (kg) 23.5
Sys 4 classic
DB 79
Tank (litres) 2
Price   £239.99

Cadex SYS/4-COMP
Bar 9.5
PSI 139
HP 1-1/2
Weight (kg) 14.28
Sys 4
DB 68
Tank (litres) 6.81
Price £523.00

Cadex SYS/3-COMP
Bar 9.5
PSI 139???
HP 1
Weight (kg) 13.15
Sys 3
DB 68
Tank (litres) 2.27
Price £409.00

Is the Prebena worth a shot?  Not bothered it's in the classic systainer format, it will always be at the bottom of a stack.  It appears to be the most under powered and heaviest.  What does a smaller tank mean in the real world?  It takes more time to build something as you are waiting for it to refill?

I have spoken to Prebena and they are willing to consider a discount code for a multi purchase scheme if any one else is interested.

Thanks for your time.

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I doubt you'll find many round here that will want a new tool in an old style systainer.

The weight isn't going to win many guys over either.

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  • Posts: 3210 Warren might be able to help I know he was selling Prebena a few years back and he sells senco


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    • Warren might be able to help I know he was selling Prebena a few years back and he sells senco


We did sell one of these, very well made, a tad heavy and a tad noisy when sitting on our shop floor. This was some time ago though so maybe they are a little quieter now? I think we even have a Systainer based additional tank in the warehouse somewhere.

I'd prefer a Senco for the T-Loc Systainer, lighter weight and low noise. However the price differential is substantial.  [eek]

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Your comparison table omits the most important spec of a compressor, the rated delivery volume at specified pressures (CFM at 40psi and 100psi in Imperial units).  This tells you how much work the compressor will support.

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I got schneider compressor in the systainer. Using for second fix nailer and headless nailer. Worth the money [wink]