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Panasonic Drill Systainer
« on: August 13, 2016, 06:22 AM »

I am considering putting my Panasonic 7440 in a systainer instead of the regular plastic case supplied. Preferably I would like to use the smallest case possible, but I guess a SYS-II may be needed in order to fit some drill-bit sets etc. I was also hoping one of the original Festool inserts could be used, since I dont think the Pick n Pluck Foam is a good solution. The charger supplied with the 7440 is however pretty big. It measures approx. 7x16.5x17cm (2.75"x6,5"x6,7"). Maybe someone with a Festool drill insert could measure if this will fit in the original inserts in some way? The drill will also have to fit, so this may be a long throw after all..

Have anyone tried getting a Panasonic drill into an original festool insert? Other ideas are also appreciated! Feel free to post a picture if you have a Pansonic drill in a systainer!