Author Topic: Systainer LED light powered by 18 volt Milwaukee batteries or 110 volt  (Read 2662 times)

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Working on my systainer LED light that will be powered by Milwaukee 18 volt batteries or 110 volt plug in. While still hokding all my tools.

Will also included receptacles for extra power to plug into. The light boxes will be removable l to go on a tripod mount.  Dual sided led lights...

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I wonder if you could add a bracket on the bottom of the LED panel so you could angle it upward. I'm imagining putting the tote on the floor next to your work and then angling the light up. I have the M18 2144-20 job light and that's a great light to carry around while working, I like the idea of combining that functionality with a toolbox. Cool idea!

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Very cool mod! 

How will you be attaching the M18 battery?  For some robotics and prototyping projects I've 3D printer battery mounts.  I've also taken the red cap that is used for 12V or USB charging and modified those. 


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Progress pictures

Will be 3 d printing battery adapters.

Also fooling around with m18 power adapter usb charger.

Super bright

Gets very hot. Need good heat sink and venting holes or plexiglass will warp
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Front and back  progress