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Systainer Maxi Attaches to a Sys-Cart?
« on: January 12, 2018, 01:11 PM »
Hi All - Thanks to guidance provided by this and this I'm contemplating a Tanos purchase of a selection of standard size and larger systainers. I currently only have experience with the standard size systainers but the the larger boxes would be intended for the storage and transport of a CMS-TS 75 module, a CMS-GE router fence, several miter gauges (488451), the sliding table and associated aluminium profiles and most of the other associated bits and bobs from the CMS and MFT/3 like guide rail supports, angle stop, flip stops [but excluding, of course, the long MFT/3 fence profile, the 48" sliding table rail and the FS 1080/2 guide rail - I
I'm looking into a Pelican-type hard case for storing/transporting these and my two 55" LR32 guide rails]. I'm also considering a SYS-Cart (which would be my first).

While researching, I came across a couple of photos that seem to imply that a) the MAXI systainers can be attached to the SYS-Cart:

...and another that seems to imply that the SYS-Cart can be attached to the top/lid of a standard-size T-Loc systainer (possibly only when fitted with a SYS-Plate work surface?):

From the Tanos site (with the relevant language circled in red):

Here's a photo showing the underside of the SYS-Cart:

...which, assuming this shows the current design, doesn't seem to include an allowance for attaching the SYS-Cart to the top of anything, let alone a standard-size T-Loc Systainer.

Can anyone elaborate on the validity (or not) of the claims implied by these images?
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Re: Systainer Maxi Attaches to a Sys-Cart?
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2018, 01:46 PM »
OK, I just stumbled upon the answer to my first question thanks to the following video (in Norwegian):

I shows that two small feet on the bottom of the MAXI (centered fore and aft) register into two detents (also centered fore and aft) in the top of the SYS-Cart, as shown below:

So, the MAXI only positively rests on top of the SYS-Cart, it doesn't attach to it (IOW it's not held fast to it).

FWIW the above video also appears to show that the SYS-Cart only positively rests on top of the T-Loc systainer and cannot be fastened to the lid as the images in my original post appear to show.