Author Topic: 1400 keyhole jig. Newbie intro and enlisting jig construction help.  (Read 2362 times)

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Good day wherever you are!  [smile]

Great site. Fantastic support and incredible projects. A pleasure to learn from.

1 year ago I moved house and my elderly neighbour took me under his wing and helped with a few of those jobs you have in a new house. I had almost no tools and certainly no idea about woodwork. Mechanical stuff I’m ok with but neo woodworking experience whatsoever.

YouTube generally, but the New Brit Workshop and the Sedge have been particularly useful for an enthusiastic beginner.

Anyway, I’ve made a few projects that I need to hang. Tried French cleats which have been great but, I’ve found the gap between unit and wall a little frustrating. Next I want to try keyholes. Research done, cutter ordered. Thinking about jigs.

The jig in this video is borderline genius in my opinion. But could it be improved with edge stops on opposite sides so that you could just flip it over and mirror image/copy the position of the keyhole? I think it could but don’t know wether or not to invest the time and wood into trying to build it.

Would really appreciate anyone’s thoughts, ideas or experiences.

Once again great site and thank you in advance. I already feel like there is a warm welcome here even for newbies/beginners.

All the best


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Hey Ben, welcome to the forum!   [welcome]

As for stops on this jig, why not simply use a combination square to set the distance from either side? What is really needed is an indicator for center.

Now, about this jig. If you were to make a lot of picture frames, this might prove handy. But, over time you may make many jigs and they do take up a good deal of space. Festool used to offer what they call the MFS system which can do this task and many more. So, look at the following thread here to see what I'm talking about:

MFS Substitutes

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I use my 1010 and  MFT w a guide rail

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Appreciate the replies.

Ended up doing just what jobsworth suggested and I was amazed the unit hung absolutely level.