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Sanding a Finish To The Bare Wood
« on: November 24, 2017, 09:59 AM »
I dunno if this is the correct folder to put this. Seth please move it if its not.

I was tasked with building a new heardboard for my daughter. Its made out of random widths of hard maple jointed using TS55 the domino 500 and glued together. Sanded flat using the Rotex 150.

The photo of the headboard vertically clamped with the Elements is the final before staining photo of the headboard.

Since I got a new HVLP I decided to spray my stain on. I used a Mohawk finishes stain 50% mixed with 50% acetone and 20% clear. It was a warm day so I thought if I sprayed early I would be OK. So I sprayed the stain. After it dried It was a little darker than I wanted. But I thought What the heck continue marching. So I sprayed the finish mohawk finishes solvent based acrylic. Well that didnt come out so good, flashed off pretty quick leaving it look like white crystals formed on it.

I called the Mohawk rep ad had a chat with him. We determines that It was to to hot and I should of used a extender. So I thought well Ill sand it down to bare wood.

Once again I took the Rotex 150 , using 40 grt paper and sanded. It took about a hour or so but I got it down to the bare wood, Now this morning Im sand the sanding marks out and will prep for spraying the stain again. this time at a faster rate and maybe a 20-25% color in the mixture so I can get the lighter color I wanted.
The photos of the headboard laying down is the headboard after sanding.

I honestly dont know of anyother sander that could of done this other than a belt sander then the Rotex.
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Re: Sanding a Finish To The Bare Wood
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2017, 12:19 PM »
I second the nomination for the rotex (especially the 150).  I am very impressed with what this machine can do. A belt sander is great too, but I feel it is almost too aggressive at times.  The rotex is the right combination of aggression and control.
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Re: Sanding a Finish To The Bare Wood
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2017, 09:58 PM »
I tell ya if there was a prize for the tool I couldnt do with out, right now its the RO 150. I had to resand it down to the bare wood as it happened again.
Talking to Thom who should be voted festool poster of the year he said I needed  more material  he said it looked like it was going on to dry. Soanother time I remanded, this had thinner coats so it wasnt to bad. Well Thom was right , I increased te materil and it came out great.

Once I get it all together Ill post a photo of the end item.