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Dave Ronyak:
I am trying for the first time to use my Whiteside locking drawer glue joint bit, Part Number 3347.  According to the meager instructions supplied with the bit, it should be set ~5/16 high.  I spend most of yesterday evening trying to get a good, tight fit with poplar drawer side stock ~0.80 inches thick, using Whiteside's brass setup gauge bars to set the nominal bit height, and thereafter trying slightly higher and slightly lower bit height settings hoping to tune the fit of the joint.  With this bit, the drawer side pieces are milled standing on edge (long dimension vertical relative to the router table), and the front and back pieces are milled flat on the table.  I am certain I am orienting the pieces correctly and holding the side pieces true vertical (extension fence on my JoinTech fence, checked to be true with an 18 inch reference triangle from Woodpecker). Anyone have any idea how close parts machine with one of these bits are supposed to fit prior to glue application?  I am thinking of giving up on this bit and going to classical dovetails or domi-tails.  The drawer joints I am wanting to make need to be very strong because each drawer is ~24 inches deep by ~34 inches wide and intended to be loaded up to ~200 lbs.

Dave R.

Dave - The drawer lock bit is tricky to set up.  Both the fence position and the bit height are critical.  When the joint is cut correctly, the fit is quite snug.  Here are a couple of setup instructions that might help:



I made two sets of templates, one for 1/2" and another for 3/4" material.  I really like the drawer lock joint.  Don't give up on it.

ps - Since John Lucas added his post below, I am reminded that I used his tutorial to set up my bit the first time I used it.  Excellent tutorial John, and sorry I forgot to include it in my post.

   This isnt my favorite bit. On 1/2" stock, there is hardly any mechanical advantage. On 3/4 there is some. DT's always better unless you want to try your hand at lock miter bit.
Here are SOPs for each.

The drawer lock bit:

and the Lock Miter bit:

Pardon the orange (CMT); it is sort of like green in that side of the shop. It does pay to buy quality, there also.

Dave Ronyak:
Thank you, Dave and John!!  Exactly what I was looking for.  I am about to go to my shop and try it, again.  I also trial checked the fit of the 3/4" plywood bottom pieces into the grooves cut with complementary bits supplied in my Sommerfeld's Own set - excellent.  Given that I intend to glue the plywood bottom into the grooves in the front and sides, I don't think there will be much fore-aft loading on the locking glue joint between the front and sides of my drawers.

I agree with your comments regarding dovetails, and usually use them, but with stock that is ~3/8 to 5/8 inch for the sides of the drawers.

Dave R.


--- Quote from: Dave Ronyak on November 25, 2007, 08:27 PM ---
I agree with your comments regarding dovetails, and usually use them, but with stock that is ~3/8 to 5/8 inch for the sides of the drawers.

Dave R.

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But Davem didnt you say you had the Incra or Jointech system? Ideal for DTs in this thickness stock


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