Author Topic: CMS router table fence improvements ( micro adjust using crown stop) "updated"  (Read 43341 times)

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  • its mostly carbon
New setup ma-bee
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Does anyone know how to remove the knurled knob from the Micro Adjust and how the 4” wheel attaches? Woodpecker told me that it could not be removed. Pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Any explanation at all would be helpful. I am rather new to woodworking, but I would very much like to complete the enhanced CMS modification described to Benjamin’s post.  [smile]
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Finished my version of the Woodpecker Micro-Adjust mod for my Festool CMS Router table.

The 3/4” Baltic Birch seat bolts to the crown stop which provides the major adjustment feature of the micro adjust via integrated T-tracks. Once I had my crown stop set, I scribed a small reference into the top for alignment with centering protrusion on crown stop. This will help when re-attaching in the field. I filled all the scribe (reference) layout marks on the aluminum top with a black permanent sharpie. This greatly improves visibility.

Did not agree with the crown stop connection being fixed tightly enough (the knob bottoms out too soon) so I extended the threaded shaft. I drilled and tapped the plastic thread shaft to accept a 10-32 x 5/8” pan head machine screw. This screw bottoms out on the end of the center bolt within the knob. I set this screw in epoxy. The additional 1/4” gives me a tighter crown stop to V-rail connection without the knob bottoming out.
Threaded rods are 1/4-20, was thinking I’d up it to 5/16” if the 1/4” rod flexed to much after assembly. By default, the Woodpecker Micro Adjust fence section accepts the 1/4-20 rod. I think the 1/4” rod is stable enough.

To provide for a smooth (minimal resistance) micro adjust movement I set elevations for crown stop plywood seat to accept a spacer between top of (blue) T-track and underside of the Woodpecker T-track. The moving fence section (when micro adjusting) does not slide/ride contact the plywood seat.
The lines on the plywood seat are on 1” centers and are simply for a parallel reference when making a major adjustment of fence. Used a marking knife to score the lines. Traced the knife marks with a pencil then applied a couple coats of spar poly via spray can.

For transport my break down point is at the end of the threaded rod where it connects to micro adjust fence. The jam-nut system on the Festool fence side of the threaded rod is set with Loctite Permatex Red (them babies aren’t moving). This keeps the micro adjust fence parallel to the Festool router table fence for disassembly/assembly.

Thank you @Benjamin for this upgrade idea, works great!
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@CADru Very nicely done. When are you making another one... You know, as an extra to ship for evaluation purposes?  ;D

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Thanks @DynaGlide the mod works well. Hmmm prototype for eval, wouldn't that be nice... for you that is  [big grin]. I think I started this project 3 months ago. Finally got some down time to complete.
"I own too many clamps" said no carpenter ever.