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Some time ago i bought an secondhand CS70 replace my current DIY saw / router table (TS55 with some parts of the CMS-MOD-TS 55 R, OF1010 with DIY router lift) with LS Positioned and Incra 1000SE miter. The main reason for the upgrade was that is used the table too much and was tiered of taking the TS55 out of the table. I couldn’t find many examples of an CS70 saw table with an Incra Miter and LS Positioner, so i want to share my design. 

The old saw / router table

For the new table i choose to make a frame of aluminium extrusion profiles with a top of HPL. The CS70 i bought was without a miter or fence. The concept was to make an compact design with an extension table and my Incra miter and Incra LS Postioner. It has 2 easy to remove feet. I’m not sure if i need both of them. I made several designs and this is the final design:

The idea is to have a foldable extension that can be placed on two sides to accomodate long panel or broad panels. Removing them or placing them back is just a minutes work (loosen and tighten 2 screws).

You start with some pre cut profiles:

And some other parts:

And before you know is the frame already finished:

Extension on one side

Extension on the other side

Extension folded down

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Adapting the CS70 to use the Incra Miter was relatively easy. The Incra Track has exactly the same thickness as the aluminium panels of the top of the CS70. You only need to cut a small piece of the top panel (same width as the track) and a small portion one the front CS70 profile to fit the track. I’m surprised not more users did this.

Removing a small piece of the front profile

I removed about 4,5 cm of the width of the aluminium top panel

Snug fit

Incra track cut to the right lenght

Test with the HPL panels. The panels are roughly cut to size. 

What left to do is:
- Attach the tops
- Set the CS70 flush with the top
- Secure the CS70 to the frame
- Install the LS Positioner
- Instal the Incra track for the router
- Install the router lift (reused from the old saw / router table)
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Clearly a great deal of imagineering has gone into your creation, but it's a little too abstruse to understand from the pictures.  Perhaps an overall view of the complete saw, set up to do an obvious table saw function, then other pics showing the system prepared for other common woodworking processes, would help tounderstand your design features.

It's hard for me to reconcile some of your detailed pictures to your descriptions - which may be more my failing than yours.

Best - Gary

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Gary, i'm still in the process of building the saw / router table, so it is difficult to show it in a working capacity. But I hope to continue to work in the coming days and hope that the process makes it more clear for you.

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Very inventive & looks very cool.  I think I saw from your photos that you have used Item profiles/extrusions? Where did you source them from & did they meet your quality expectations?

Thanks Mark

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Yes, the profiles are from Item. They are the light version of the 40 x 40 mm profile and bought directly from I'm very happy with the profiles. Strong, good connections, well made parts. The sales representative of Item visited my at home and took his time to explain everything. This is not common for a big company to do for a small customer like me. He even dropped of the profiles personally so to save on delivery costs.

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Maybe this makes it more clear:

The left (white) is the foldable table and in the middle is the CS70 (saw). On the right is the Incra LS Positioner and where the router is going to be.

This is how the saw functions.

On the right side is where the router is going to be. The router wil be placed under the table, where the router bit is. The miter track is going to be flush with the HPL.