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Firstly, apologies if someone has already done this. I don't remember ever seeing it, so I figured I'd share.

The delivery guy dropped off a MW1000 on Friday and (not surprisingly!) the crosscut capacity on it is less than that of a MFT. So I started pondering what I could do should the need ever arise to cut something when you need just a hair more capacity. This would also work on a full sized MFT as well I guess.

I have a pair of the AB-KS crown stops [that see the most action as coffee stands hanging off the back of the MFT], some rail dogs that never get used as they're not that accurate and a faff to use and some UJK clips that play second fiddle to my Rip Dogs (RIP). Putting them all together results in this:

Setup is trivial using a couple of dogs to align the rail and then sliding in and tightening up the crown stops with an inverted rail dog in it:

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice where the kerf falls - just across a set of dog holes you may want to use. This can be sorted by shimming between the dogs used for registration and the rail.

Using long rail dogs may cause fouling issues with the saw motor but, if you have shorter dogs with a threaded hole through them, they can be inverted and locked in place using the bolts from the rail dogs:

This is by no means an ideal solution, but it may help get out of a sticky situation... some day.

A couple of other things specific to the MW1000:

1) A FS800 rail tucks in pretty snugly into the table extension. I only have the one but you could get another one next to it.
2) You can fit the MFT rail hinge to it but the plastic corners joining the external extrusions (at least on mine) need filing down in places to get the two bits on. Not so great Festool!

And please excuse the badly staged photos above. It was right before my little cherubs bedtime so no time to set it all up properly. I'm sure you get the jist of it anyway ;D
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