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Frankin-vacs .... aaahhh run for the hills
« on: July 31, 2010, 07:35 PM »
It seems that today is my day to catch up on all things FOG.  This thing has gone through some different surgeries and mods, it still needs to be boxed in a but to stabilize the whole thing.  Its not as bad as it looks though.  When its not in use it is a pain. As painful as it looks.

There are 4 dust ports.I have a Bosch table saw and a kapex hooked up at all times.   The Clear Vue mini's mdf top is key to the whole structure.  Power strip plugged into the vac.  29 gallon waterproof tote from the container store.   It has a gasket for a lid seal.  I had to put two ribs in between the long sides to keep it from collapsing under the Fesspower but its very sturdy.  Not mobile at all but perfect for the base of operations in a big house.  It takes over two weeks to fill and a workspace for 2-5 people can be tidy'ed up in 3 minutes, because there is almost nothing to clean.  I connect the cleaning kit 2-3 times a day and hit all the surfaces and can work right to quitting time.  No 30 minutes of cleaning every day.


Lets see some other monstrosities(I mean it in a good way).  Maybe there is a better place to post this but if not lets get all the contraptions in one place.
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Re: Frankin-vacs .... aaahhh run for the hills
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2010, 04:28 PM »
something I banged together as a prototype and still using as is
years later, that's a clearview inside behind the sandpaper

do your hose inlets fit the festool hoses? If so where did they come
from, I like the way you can open and close each inlet at will


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Re: Frankin-vacs .... aaahhh run for the hills
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2010, 06:14 PM »
Bermuda they do fit the ports and I got them at roclker.

I bought four and forgot about needing a hose mount under the box to lead to the C.V. inlet.  The blast gates are made of three pieces the gate and a hose mount/face plate on both sides.  These are in line gates, hose on each side.  I managed to split it in half and used one side as a hose mount under the box for the lead into the C.V.  After doing this I did it to the other three.  I have never really used more than three but having the extra is nice.


The only thing I would do differently is the size of the hole in the box behind the blast gate.  I  drilled a 2 2/4" hole centered where the hose is inserted.  when the gate is open this leaves a pocket between the 1/4" ply and the plastic face that mounts the gate.  This pocket slowly very slowly fills up after a month the gate wont close all the way.  This would still happen if I didnt split them in half and if I was to use them whole I would mount them upside down so dust couldn't fall in those corners.  The fix for me is to take the gates off and gut the ply bellow the hole leaving no place for the dust to build up.  The box its self has been cut down and reformed many times.  The biggest improvement I made was bending a piece of 1/8" ply to create a curved back inside, no corners in there.  Heaver debris has less of a chance of settling now.  I would like to build it all over again just to make it prettier and maybe improve the performance a little but hey it already works. Boy, when I get to splain'n somth'n I sur cant help myself! [eek]



Here it is in use on site.  In the table saw shot I couldn't resist panning to the right just a little.
The hose for the table saw I got from these guys.  On a side note how do I connect a link to a word or words.  Like these guys for example.

I like your integrated shelving, it's got me thinking.  I need to support the C.V. and the junction box better, it's front heavy. especially with the hoses hanging off it.  There is a lot of free space on that lid.  hhhhmmmm.  Duplicate the D.D. Ultimite's bag system and its perfect.  Is the box to house the C.V. or is it a hoper, or maybe both?  I'd love to see the other side.  Thanks for sharing Bermuda.

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