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I was recently given a Black and Decker Workmate 2000. It does mad things with its jaws, the likes of which I've never seen before. The rear jaw is on latched stops so it can be moved in to several positions and the front jaw can rotate 90*, as well as the usual vice that's on every Workmate there is that I have ever seen. I've had several of these things over the years but never one that could do anything like this. I was going to sell it on eBay and put the money (£50 - £60 maybe?) towards buying something useful. Well that's £60 well saved or well spent or well whatever the word actually is.

I now have another CMS and another MFT. With mad jaws.

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I've had my Workmate for over 40 years, still going strong and I use it on location all the time.

I saved these brochures with the manual that came with my Workmate when I bought it.

I thought they might interest some of you.

Take a look at the MiterMate circular saw attachment, can you see the roots of a MFT/3 with a track saw in there?
Notice that the saw is gliding along on a track.

Certainly nowhere near the precision and quality of Festool, but the concept was developing. I never actually saw any
of these accessories in the flesh, so don't know if they materialized or not. I know the clamps were available but any
of the others I am not sure and I can remember thinking even back then that they seemed a little out there.
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It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?

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Many years ago I was also given a Black & Decker drill from the 1950s with a shed load of accessories and catalogues. This was a tiny 2 speed drill and with its many attachments become a sander, a tiny circular saw, a tiny table saw, it powered a lathe, some sort of grinding sharpening stone thing and even a hedge trimmer. I'm sure there was more things but I can't remember what they were.
Probably anything they could think of that had a motor in it...

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This must be a european model as I have never seen one in Canada!