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Hello Foggers,

I have not posted on here in a while, but I have been watching... just had not logged in. 

I figured with the amazing new Festool coming out and a few other things we have going on I may as well get back on here to spread the good word about Atlas. Although this will be several topics that I probably should break down into multi-posts, might as well just put it out there all at once.

1.  SANDERS: As for Festool, we have all the new tools available on both websites to see them: Click Here and to see them: Click Here, shipping for free as always beginning Monday.  Yes they have a super cool light, but these sanders, which I have been playing with for a while now, have a ton of power, very little vibration, and unreal dust collection.  It is hard to get over how this is possible and why it was not done sooner.  Once again Festool has revolutionized sanding and brought to the table a solution which I never thought could be possible and they have done it so well.  Bravo Festool!!

2. DIAMONDBACK: We have recently had the honor of working with Michael Williams and Connor Crook from Calavera Tool Works.  We have been stocking the Aprons and Bags for a while now and are trilled with the quality and versatility on all the Calavera products (to see Click Here).  For those of you who do not know, in the last year or so, Connor and Michael bought and totally revamped the American made toolbelt line: Diamondback.  From improving design as well as production, and curing long end user back-order challenges, without any sacrifice on quality the brand is now finally back, in order and full force ahead.  They basically saved/revived a high quality American made product line, I applaud them for that!  I have personally been eyeing Diamondback for years, as they use the ultimate in quality material as well as stitching techniques for ultra product longevity. 

And yes... here it is... AVAILABLE at Atlas Tools & Machinery. Pre-Order is up on our site now and limited stock is coming soon.  We are honored to be the first Diamondback Dealer in the world and be taking care of Canadians for Michael and Connor.  No longer will Canadians have lengthy wait times, unforeseen shipping/brokerage/duty/exchange rate issues when ordering Diamondback Toolbelt systems.  To boot, if you are in the Greater Toronto Area, you will be able to drive to our 871 Islington location to see, touch, feel and try on Diamondback Toolbelts in our store. Diamondback will be available soon at Atlas Tools & Machinery.  We expect to have Diamondback on display October 14th and be . Click Here  to see the range and all of the hard work of Connor and Michael come to life.

3. 871 OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY OCTOBER 14TH 2017: It has been ONE YEAR since we opened our new store at 871 Islington Ave. in Toronto.  And wow has it ever been a busy year, new store, new lines, new staff, new computer system... A BIG Thanks to all our customers for their dedication to Atlas, we appreciate your support, it seems to be once every 60 years we open a new store.  Our large Festool display and just having everything in stock, along with having all Sawstop and all other major tool and machinery brand inventory in stock for customer to see and take away has proven to be successful.  Its time to celebrate our Anniversary with a sale, and a customer appreciation event.  You are all invited to come join us from 9am - 5pm on Saturday October 14th for some fun.  Tons of prizes, door crashing deals, many many manufacturer representatives on site so users can get educated and their questions answered.  Also try it before you buy it, tons of tool demos on site.  Sawstop demo's all day! There will be all sorts of deals as well as demos and some industry special guests on site. Check out our website for more details:

4. WOODWORKING MACHINERY SHOW (WMS): For those of you that do not know, the largest woodworking and machinery show that happens in Canada is happening in just over a month.  WMS is November 2nd, 3rd, 4th this year, this show happens every two years and it is a great show to take a gander at everything new and exciting woodworking wise. It is in Toronto at the International Centre near Toronto Pearson Airport and Atlas Tools & Machinery will be there, be sure to check it out.  More info coming soon, and I will likely be able to post a link up to free tickets for this show.

I think that is it for now, thanks for reading!

Shawn Ederman

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