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Re: First Aid Systainer
« Reply #90 on: May 14, 2019, 06:32 PM »
I've gotten several great responses on the Google Form linked above, for those that want to indicate interest and get in on the first batch.  Already it is looking like I may have to order a second batch, which is a good thing!

I'll give it a couple more days before I post this form on our Instagram and Email list, since the idea originated in the form, I want to give you a head start to get on the list and share your opinions.

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Re: First Aid Systainer
« Reply #91 on: May 18, 2019, 08:58 AM »
not to throw a monkey wrench into this, but I was just getting some electrical tools to replace a wall outlet and thought the SYS-Storage Bob (SYS-SB 499901) with the cantilever trays might make a good First Aid box. It's only a couple bucks more that a Sys-2 and quick access to everything. Don't need a divider or tray cause it's built in. See through top lets you know right where stuff is. Big items on the bottom but you don't have to drag everything out, just fold the top tray out of the way to access the bottom compartment.,-sortainer-and-systainer-port/systainer/499901---sys-sb
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