Author Topic: NEW! Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool Dual Miter Scribe Gauge (US)  (Read 1537 times)

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NEW! Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool Dual Miter Scribe Gauge (US)
« on: September 05, 2017, 12:06 AM »
Woodpeckers' latest OneTIME Tool... the Dual Miter Scribe Gauge. Available in Metric and Imperial scales in two sizes, or also as a set for the best value.

Miter Joints – So Simple Yet So Hard To Do. Even experienced woodworkers struggle to make perfect miters every time. Missing the mark on the first, second or third try wastes time and valuable stock. Woodpeckers new Dual Miter Scribing Gauge is a simple yet effective tool to accurately mark miter cuts and set up the table or miter saw with spot on precision.

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