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Parf Guide System Mark 2 - Video Series
« on: October 31, 2018, 10:33 AM »
Hi Everyone

The original Parf Guide System continues to sell well and now a Mark 2 version has been released and the two systems will be sold alongside each other.

The new system is just as accurate as the original but is easier to use. However, several quite expensive components have been added which means that it costs more than its predecessor. It is being released at an introductory price in the UK of £164.95.

I have been using the original system (which was the first off the production line) since its launch and have made 7 or 8 custom tracksaw cutting stations and about 30 MFT3 size tops. The Parf Sticks do have some wear at the 3 mm holes but the most recent top that I produced was still jolly accurate. The new system overcomes the problem of wear by having a completely new 3 mm drilling concept and now no moving parts come into contact with the Parf Sticks.

The new Parf Sticks also have some additional holes that make it easy to create offset holes at 32 mm or 48 mm spacing. I have already used one of the new Parf Sticks to create a pattern of holes at 32 mm spacing for shelf supports. I initially used the new Parf Stick to produce two rows of 3 mm holes at 32 mm spacing and then I enlarged them free hand to 5 mm in order to take shelf supports.

Potential PGS buyers should decide for themselves which system suits their needs. If the user only plans making the odd replacement MFT3 top or custom bench top then the original system will be perfectly suitable. If the user wants more capability (32 mm and 48 mm spacing) and longer tool life then the Mark 2 system would be the answer.

Today, 31st October 2018, Axminster are about 10 days away from shipping the new units. I am writing the new instruction manual now !!

Here are the videos. They are in the order that they should be viewed:

PGS Mark 2 - Overview:

PGS Mark 2 - Part 1:

PGS Mark 2 - Offset Holes:

PGS Mark 2 - Part 2:

PGS Mark 2 - 4 Cut Test:


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