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We are very excited to have a good number of Festool dealers who participate in the forum.  I would encourage dealers to take the time to completely fill out their profile in order to make it easier for members to learn about you and your company.  Here are some things in your profile to consider:

  • A name that says more of who you are, such as the name of your company (note: "name" is different from "username")
  • The name of your company, which can appear at the bottom of every one of your posts automatically
  • This could also include a direct link to your Web site, which also appears automatically at the bottom of your posts
  • Your e-mail address so members can contact you
  • An "avatar," which can be your company logo (for example)

Please note that these are not rules -- just recommendations.

If you are not sure how to add these elements to your profile, check this board.  If you still have questions, feel free to ask.  You'll get a friendly answer!

Merchants and product manufacturers
Members who are directly affiliated with or employees of merchants or product manufacturers may participate on the forum. You are welcome to respond directly to another member's post inquiring about your product or a product line you represent. If you are an authorized Festool dealer, you may post Festool/Protool/Tanos-related sales, promotional or marketing content in our Dealer & Sales section of the forum. If you wish to post sales, promotional or marketing content that is non-Festool related, please submit it to our Forum Administrator, TylerC , for pre-approval before posting. Posts of this nature that do not obtain pre-approval will be removed immediately. If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the Forum Administrator or a Forum Moderator.

User Name color codes These colors are attached to user names as appropriate, by the FOG Admin.

Festool Employee  The FOG Admin and others that are employed by and paid by Festool.

Festool Dealer  Owner or business name of a Festool dealer, Festool dealer employee, or someone involved with selling Festool products.

Retailer Manufacturer or seller of products designed to work with Festool products.

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