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Author Topic: 1010 bit not in center of guide bushing  (Read 3835 times)

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1010 bit not in center of guide bushing
« on: February 15, 2009, 09:59 PM »
As a new owner and novice with routers, I was checking to see if everything fits on my 1010.

I put a 1/4" bit in the collet and used a standard guide bushing in the bushing adapter included with the tool. The bit looked off center so I checked the fit of the adapter and tried another bit. The adapter is perfectly round and fits the bushing adapter well. I put in a 5/16" bit and found the bit touching one side of the guide bushing with the opposite side having a space of almost 1/16 of an inch. Is this within reasonable tolerance for this tool? Seems to me it should in the center and not off to one side.

Another thing I note is that the plunge takes a long time to come to the top of it's travel when released in the upright position. I takes a full 8 seconds to travel to the resting position. Is this normal ?

Thanks in advance, ron

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Re: 1010 bit not in center of guide bushing
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2009, 11:27 PM »
When I first started using the 1010 I had the same issue with the strength of the plunge spring. I still wish it was a bit stronger but am used to it now and am very comfortable with it. I do not find that it hampers the operation of the router in anyway. I think that as the bushings around the plunge rods break in the router will return to the top a bit faster.

Festool does sell a centering cone for template use, I think. I do not know of any router that has a perfectly centered base and template interface. BUT, I also think that since the festool routers are harder or nearly impossible (1400) to adjust that Festool should seriously think about finding a solution to this problem.
There may be an aftermarket solution for the 1010 but deffinately not the 1400 with the snap in bushing adapter that has some play that you would never be able to account for.

With that said I still do not think that there are any better routers out there. I know Nickao loves his Dewalts. 618's I think. I do not know about those but they look pretty good too.

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Re: 1010 bit not in center of guide bushing
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2009, 02:29 AM »
I fitted the plastic template guide insert to my new 1010 today and there isn't any way to adjust it that I can see. My template guide fit precisely into the insert and there isn't any adjustment on the insert plate. I hope it's centered but at least it isn't rubbing.

One irritation is that the plastic plate isn't flat so the router is slightly tilted because the plate is proud ~.020" of the base on one side.  I bought the centering cone, for what I don't know.

BTW the Woodhaven template guides are the nicest I've ever see.

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Re: 1010 bit not in center of guide bushing
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2009, 03:43 AM »
I think the guidebushing adapter for the of1010 was an afterthought. All the festool original guide bushings have so much play in the base you HAVE TO use the centering cone to mount them. When I first got the 1010 I was a bit annoyed with the increased setup time over my bosch with the toolless guide bushings.
Since I never use imperial sized bits/bushings in my routers, I am not familiar with the mentioned bushing adapter, but from what I understand of earlier posted problems, it doesn't have enough play to centre it with the cone (which would be good if it was centered properly in that position, which it isn't). It might be a solution, to make the holes for the screws a bit bigger, and file/grind the outline of the adapter a bit smaller, so you get the needed "play" to be able to center it with the cone.

I also noticed they updated the bosch router, I mentioned earlier, a few years ago, it then came with a better parallel guide, a transparant Dustcollecton-shroud, AND the possibility to center the part of the base the guide bushings snap into via a centering cone.

I haven't checked my of 1400 of such a calibration method, because I haven't ran into problems with wrong sized mortices because of the bushing not being centered properly. (and I prefer using my OF1010, because my main use of templates is in a vertical position, and I find the OF1400 a bit too heavy for that operation)
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