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Author Topic: Anyone considering ditching Festool tools?  (Read 8809 times)

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Re: Anyone considering ditching Festool tools?
« Reply #60 on: December 31, 2017, 09:05 PM »
Except that Festool doesn't really have anything with SDS, besides that one battery hammer.

Protool used to have some wired hammers, but they seem to have disappeared completely.

Hitachi sells one in a Classic systainer.

I firmly believe that Bosch is, was & probably will remain the kings in hammers of all varieties:  cordless, corded, sds +, max & even hex.  Some others are up there too.  Both Hilti & Makita make excellent bigger hammers, & Wacker Neumann certainly make the most powerful (3600w, 100+J) electric hammers in the business.

But nobody else has the depth of range in all categories as Bosch.  Not the power & performance edge.  Nor the price points either.  Whilst much of Robert Bosch's tool range leaves a little (or a lot) to be desired, their hammers rule.  All but the biggest should fit into Sys IIs, Midi or maybe MaxiSys/tainers.
To be king or queen, both will be fine. [big grin] Even though, Hilti and Makita with Bosch are very good and I have respect  for all of them, but I would never give up my Flex and Metabo for none of them including Festool. Cordless or corded.
Here is the latest Metabo with dust collector.


I've both owned & tried a few others along the way, too.  DeWalt Max 1500w, Metabo Cordless & Corded Plus, & an old Atlas Copco/Kango/Milwaukee.  Plus quite a few assorted Hiltis, Makitas, DeWalts, Milwaukees etc borrowed and tried out from suppliers, colleagues & employers.

There's a nice long-format 1700w Max combi hammer made in Germany & marketed as an AEG, Milwaukee & Metabo in their respective corporate colours.  It was for years the biggest, i.e. most powerful (I think) SDS Max hammer that still drills (52mm in solids, 150mm cores).  I'm actually on my third one now.  Bosch have a newly-released equivalent out now, too (GBH 12).  But its shorter L-frame chassis layout places too much bending effort on my ageing back for chipping/chiselling.  I like the longer ones for these tasks.

Always went back to the Bosch range 'though.  For me anyway, they just build a better mousetrap.  In each & every size range I required, from 5mm Hilti plug setting, dynabolting & loxton setting, mating new to old slab pours, through-boring cable access holes, chiselling & chasing to heavy demolition of slabs, my carefully selected range of Bosch hammers invariably worked best for me.  Admittedly some better than others, but that's hardly a valid criticism of a range that must have over 50 different variants!

The specs tell part of the story:  in each, size, wattage, cordless voltage, weight class the Bosch version tends to have the most outright power, punch & capacity.  Apart from the overall max & min capacities, their "sweet spot" also tends to be slightly wider too.  For intensive use, they also seem to have "better" vibration damping strategies than the competition.  As an industrial white finger sufferer with recurrent carpal tunnel issues, I take NVH performance seriously.
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Re: Anyone considering ditching Festool tools?
« Reply #61 on: January 01, 2018, 03:22 PM »
An ardent hobbyist woodworker for many years,
I’ve been a FOGer since 2007, when I took up with Festool.
As you can see be my “signature”, I’ve bought/own a lot of Festool products.
Early on, Festool QA was excellent, and I almost never had a reason to have a tool sent for service.
As the years have gone by, I’ve had more problems with Festool tools -
And Service has declined appreciably without “intervention from higher up”...
Not only in my own experience, but in reading the FOG over the last several years.
Eventually, the issue gets resolved, but not without increasingly discontentment with the Festool brand/company.
I really wanted to purchase the Kapex, and it’s assorted assessories.
$$ weren’t/aren’t an object. I’m retired and have the $$.
BUT... Having read about all the issues with the Kapex...
And read about - And personally experienced -
Festool’s Service’s seemingly continued unresolved problems -
I just decided to keep using my perfectly good/excellent -
Bosch 12 In. Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw.
I’ve made the same kinds of decisions about other Festool potential purchases.

ALL of these FOGers can’t be wrong in their consistent/ongoing assertions -
About the duel major issues of declines in Product Quality and Service.
One would assume, we are good willed, loyal Festool tool buyers/users;
Not simply a few malcontents.
In my opinion...
It appears that Festool has come to the point of working with -
A COST/BENEFIT (PROFIT) business paradigm -
Where they’re “trading” on “yesterday’s reputation” and quality -
While slowly letting Festool’s quality and service erode.
At the point that Festool’s SALES decline... The paradigm will change.
In the meantime... Faithful FOGers will continue to read the reviews -
Only buying from brands with tools that “measure up”.
Let’s hope that Festool changes the way they’re operating -
Before the current situation spirals “down the tubes”.
Think: SEARS ☹️
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