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Author Topic: How do I get consistent bevel angles on the CMS TS75?  (Read 1529 times)

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Offline DarrenB

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Just got my CMS + MFT/VL table combo with the TS75 module. I know that is NAINA but I think it may have more to do with the TS75 itself and hopefully some of you may help me.
First of all I love this combo, especially with the sliding table... Its smooth and a couple of steps up from my previous Dewalt 745 with an Incra miter gauge. I've got some really crisp cuts with this setup, that are perfectly square (checked with my Woodpecker square).

Using the knob and lever to adjust the height of the saw blade seems to work ok but what worries me is that I find myself needing to put pressure on the TS75 when locking it into the 0 degree and 45 degree bevel settings. If I don't do this the saw will settle at slightly off 0 degrees and slightly less than 45 degrees. I did some testing and by pushing quite hard on the saw, holding it in place while tightening the bevel screws I can get close but it just doesn't seem right.

Can I adjust this somehow so that I get a positive and reliant stop for the 0 and 45 degree bevels?
I'm also fine with having to use my Woodpecker square and Incra Angle to increase the precision but I wouldn't want to have to put any pressure on the machine.


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Re: How do I get consistent bevel angles on the CMS TS75?
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2017, 01:07 PM »
I don't think much can be done other than attaching some home made bracket to hold the machine in place. You could also "overshoot" the angle on your scale a bit and hope to get the actual desired angle.
Plastic trunnions on TS75 are too small and flimsy to firmly hold the saw. Its no problem when you cut on the table at 90 deg. Then the saw rests on the trunnions AND two set screws. When at bevel position the trunnions flex a bit and there is also some slop in the groves. The whole tilt mechanism is not rigid enough.
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Re: How do I get consistent bevel angles on the CMS TS75?
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2017, 07:04 PM »
Did some more testing today also with my digital angle thingy attached to the blade and it's a bit worse than I thought. When I bring the saw into the 0 bevel position I need to push it upwards while tightening the screws. In that process the whole saw flex a bit, so as I push, tighten the screws and then release it the saw will flex back enough to show a difference of about .2 degrees. May not be much but I can definitely see light between a cut piece of wood and my precision square.

I do have a shooting board and plane but I really would like the saw to at least be easy to set up for a standard cut. I could get my 600 dollar Dewalt 745 setup exactly square with no problem.
I expected more from Festool on repeatability.
It might just be the limitations of the CMS platform where the TS saw simply operates better standing up as gravity will help it. As the TS 75 is a heavy saw gravity will work against you in the CMS.
I'm almost considering a Precisio now. :(