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Re: Dewalt DWS520SK vs Festool TS55EQ - long with pictures
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I witnessed a similar demonstration at Woodcraft's store in Bedford, OH (near Cleveland) about 2 wks ago.  They had demo clamps there, and both the fixed 90 degree crosscut rail accessory and a similar device with an adjustable mitre head, but none to take with me.   I personally confirmed that all of these accessories will fit Festool's Guide Rails while at that store.  I pre-paid for a pair of clamps and the fixed 90 degree accessory, and am still waiting for delivery.  I'm looking forward to using them, and freeing up a couple of Festool clamps.  A new MFT/3 was nearby.  I showed the DeWalt representative how the Festool clamps work with the MFT and told him that a even more Festool owners would be interested in those clamps if they were redesigned to also allow them to be used with holes in the MFT top.

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Re: Dewalt DWS520SK vs Festool TS55EQ - long with pictures
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Re: Dewalt DWS520SK vs Festool TS55EQ - long with pictures
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There were a number of reviews in the woodworking pubs...basically they all came down to about the same conclusions, and this was before we had the parrallel guides...there are few more coming out, but I can't say which ones until they hit the street, but the results are about the same.  Most rank them like this:

1) Festool
2) Makita
3) Dewalt

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Re: Dewalt DWS520SK vs Festool TS55EQ - long with pictures
« Reply #93 on: January 03, 2017, 04:07 PM »
I had Dewalt plunge track saw for over a year. Nothing to complain about. The plunge action is a bit weired at first but I got used to it. I modified Dewalt to accept Festool off-cur splinter guard - took me 30 min. The track allows to clamp to narrower stock due to central position of the channel. This is the part I miss most working with Festool track saws. Also, the Dewalt guide rail router adapter fits multitude of routers from different manufacturers. It could be used with Festool rail, but needs to be shimmed to remove all play - no big deal, really. Major con of Dewalt track is having splinter guards on both sides - makes it impossible to butt the rail against a T-square for 90 degree cuts on sheet stock, - you have to mark it on both sides of the sheet, then carefully align the rail. Also, since they have only one channel making DIY parallel guides (no OEM version produced unfortunately) is problematic (although not impossible). Dewalt clamps are awesome. I sold Dewalt saw and rails with almost no loss and bought TS75, - only to have deeper cut capacity. Thinking of getting a lighter TS55 to use on the same rails, but might get another Dewalt since it glides on Festool rails as well.

As a final thought I think Dewalt really dropped the ball with pricing and marketing of their awesome tool. Had they dropped a price a bit and insisted on big box stores carrying this product in stock so that people could see it, touch it and maybe test it in stores they would have sold tons of those saws. Offering parallel guides, rail adapters for jigsaws, etc. would have also helped.

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Re: Dewalt DWS520SK vs Festool TS55EQ - long with pictures
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I like my DeWalt too.  One disadvantage it has is the reviewers all tend to be Festool users who consider the plunge of the DeWalt odd and undesirable.  Wood Whisperer is a Festool guy.  The guy that did the Fine Homebuilding review was also a Festool user.  I like the plunge action - it is purely a subjective thing with no right/wrong.  But the Makita tends to be preferred because it feels more like the Festool.  The FWW article was also wrong in stating DeWalt doesn't offer a track connector.  They do.  They also have three lengths of track (I have one of each). 

I did have trouble with the blade change mechanism of my DeWalt, however, and ended up breaking a part.  But it still works fine without that part - it was the button you push down at the start.  It wouldn't go down and when I forced it, a small piece of the aluminum casting broke.  But with no button, everything still works.  I still am happy with the saw and don't wish I got a different one.