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« on: October 11, 2016, 11:25 PM »
i did something a week and a half ago that never would have guessed I would do! I am a dealer employee and have been hooked on the Festool system for nearly 3 years. I got hooked with the first couple of tools that I purchased which were an ETS 125 and a TS 55 REQ. After those two items it wasn't long after that I bought an MFT/3 to pair with my TS 55 to have a very effective miter saw as well as a clamping and sanding station! But I work in a very tight single car garage and space as everyone knows is a premium!
     I highly anticipated the release of the HK saws on September 12th because I was just really curious to see the saw and put it in my hand. We got them in and I was very impressed with the balance of the saw. I did a couple of test cuts to check accuracy with the FSK rail and of course it didn't let me down. It is dead on accurate and very well designed. I love the depth adjustment. The lever that raises the blade guard is genius. It takes two extra steps to use it as a plunge saw but is still very manageable.
       After about 2 or 3 days of looking at this very well thought out new saw from Festool I actually considered selling my track saw and MFT/3. I figured that this new HK would be worth switching for the considerable space savings alone. Never did I think that would like it better than my track saw, but I do! I know this is probably blasphemous to many of you but I do believe that it actually excels at a couple of things over the TS 55. It's bevel change with only one knob to loosen is great and easier to adjust. I love the storage of the Allen wrench under the FastFix lever, genius! The inclusion of the new locking dust port is a welcome change as well. I was worried that the dust collection would drop dramatically with the blade much more exposed than the TS 55, but it exceeded my expectations with at least 80% collection of the dust! It does not cut as smooth as a TS 55 with the splinter guard but it does a very admirable job with the 32 tooth blade.
      Here is where I am going to get a ton of disagreement from a lot of you! I feel that the HK even beats the TS as a plunge saw! Before you start calling me crazy you have to try and put yourself in my shoes. I am what some might call vertically challenged at only 5' 5" tall. I used to never think about how challenging it was to hold the TS 55 in the plunged position thru a cut until I made my first long cut on a FS 2700 rail with my new HK 55 EBQ! It is night and day!! Even though it takes a couple of extra steps to make the initial plunge it operates better in the cut because once you release the spring loaded button on the HK and then plunge it down to your predetermined depth it locks at the depth set! So now you can cut without any strain of trying to hold the saw down thru a cut where my short arms have to stretch thru the cut. The saw just stays locked down with no effort!
      I have always been impressed with Festool and especially my TS 55 and never envisioned the day that I would get rid of my track saw but I did and am very glad I did. Festool didn't just hit a homerun they knocked a grand slam with the HK! What's not to like, a track saw/plunge saw that can also be used as a hand held compound miter saw with just the switch of a rail!!

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Re: HK 55 EBQ
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2016, 01:42 AM »
I've been becoming familiar with my recently purchased HKS and will second your thoughts. What a nice piece of equipment...I've used it on a TS rail for cutting 1 3/4" maple butcher block countertops and on the FSK rail for cutting cement board. I'm not yet ready to sell the TS 55, however I'm about ready to trade it in on a TSC 55. Cutting the cord will be really sweet.
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Re: HK 55 EBQ
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2016, 11:05 AM »
I understand the cut quality on the offcut side would not match the quality of a TS55, but how's the cut on track side? It seems it should be equal to the TS, esp when using a 2.2mm blade.

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Re: HK 55 EBQ
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2017, 08:27 PM »
The quality on the non-water side of the cut is as good as the TS55 with the finer toothed narrow kerf blade available for this saw.  Dust collection is ok but not in the same league as the TS55.   I find the HK55 EBQ a little quieter and it has to be fed into the work at a slower pace than the TS55.  Let us face it... the use of the track is what makes these saws what they are.