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Re: Kapex - impressive cuts (pics)
« Reply #30 on: November 14, 2015, 12:19 AM »
OK don't hit the tab key on the keyboard

1. the angles are dead on.  I was never able to get a 90 deg angle on either Dewalt or Ridgid despite much fiddling with adjustments.
2. Clean cuts.  Once you cut a piece of wood you are done.  With a 12" saw they all left "machining marks" that had to be planed off.  No longer.  This is a huge time saver.  Not sure if other 10" saws will do this but I have never found a 12" that will. The end grain on a piece of 2" walnut is shiny after the cut.


My 12" DeWalt 716 is off .001 at 90* and the blade is tuned to the arbor using a dial indicator leaving me with a combined blade/ arbor runout of .002.

The most common cut quality problems on a 12" saw are the material moving when the cut is started,blade flutter caused by heat and thin kerf tooling, slop in the bearings on a SCMS, or poor quality tooling.  I have an 80t standard kerf Royce Ayr blade on my saw and there are no machining marks on the cuts.  Cut quality and precision are nothing more than a good setup and quality tooling.

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Re: Kapex - impressive cuts (pics)
« Reply #31 on: November 14, 2015, 02:48 AM »
My new Kapex hasn't arrived just yet, but I chose this over some other options because of Festool's more consistent build quality. Several of the other brands had nice reviews, but some were for their earlier versions where the current version has quality issues.  [2cents]
Looks like your rabbit joint is a hare off! ;)