Author Topic: Review of Festool clamps (FS-HZ160, FSZ120, FSZ300, MFT-SP Clamping Elements)  (Read 8502 times)

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An overview of use and capabilities of four Festool methods of clamping:  FS-HZ160 Quick Clamp (#491594), FSZ120 (4-11/16" screw clamps #489570), FSZ300 (11-13/16" screw clamps #489571), and the MFT-SP Clamping Elements (#488030).

Be nice... I hate few things more than myself recorded..

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First class work, my friend.  [thumbs up]


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You say that you hate being recorded but I would have never guessed because you are so confident in your video.

Great review and I like the look of your workshop.
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Good video- thanks.

I don't have the clamping elements but am considering getting some. My workbench has 3/4" dog holes. How snug are the clamping elements in the 20mm MFT holes? Will I have to open up my dog holes a little or is there any play in the 20mm holes? Also, do you think they provide enough clamping pressure for glue-ups as you stated in your video?


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The clamping elements are pretty snug in the 20mm holes.  I sincererely doubt you could use them in a 3/4" hole without opening up the hole a bit, or sanding down the clamping element post.

They're up to the task of doing a panel glue up: e.g. cutting boards, the panel for a door, etc.  I would not rely solely on them.  They will provide a good holding action while you apply cauls, and more clamps (unless you have a bunch of clamping elements). 

In terms of gluing up of thicker stock (e.g. leg glue ups, laminations for large turnings, etc) you are better off gluing in a horizontal position and using clamps for putting pressure towards the workbench, rather than laterally as the clamping elements do.  But, that's not to say it wouldn't work-- you could use the clamping elements supplemented by more regular clamps to provide distributed pressure.

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You video review rocks, the regular clamps still blow though.
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thanks junkie.

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Nice job junkie. [thumbs up] The one thing you didn't mention in your video is that the F style clamps can also be inserted from below the table in the event you don't want the body of the clamp above the table. Also, the screw type clamps are sold in pairs and the quick clamp is sold individually. I know I'm nit picking, sorry. [tongue]
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That's ok Brice.  I plan to post an "addendum" of other stuff and some "tips".  But I had to keep it less than 10 minutes (YouTube length limit) and knew I was starting to cutting it close.

Thanks for the positive comments gang.

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Uhm, doesn't this review violate Festool's safety considerations?  I mean really, wearing those shorts while a video camera is running!    [scared]

(so much for the positive comments)
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Looks like your rabbit joint is a hare off! ;)