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1010 Router and hinges/jigs.

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Hi all, I'm at home enjoying a few days off work and still seem to be drawn into work through this website.  [big grin]
Anyway I'm considering a new small router for lightweight tasks and in particular to use when letting in door hinges. I have been scoring the hinges with a knife and then cutting to depth with a small router and finishing with chisel.
Anyone using the 1010 for this, how does the handle work with tasks like this (it looks like it would be great if you were using it vertically in a door casing say)?
Also what about hinge jigs, I can't see a 16mm festool guide bush for Trend's hinge jig, do you just work out the offset for the nearest festool bush. I know the unibase is an option but I really don't like them. Or do Festool offer some kind of hinge jig system?

The Trend one-piece hinge jig is the best on the market.  I use it with the OF1010 and it's a great combination.

Forget the Uni-base, as you rightly say, use the Festool 17mm copy ring and use a 5mm spacer instead of the 4mm spacer Trend supply with the hinge jig.  I use a 5mm drill bit as the spacer.  Also get yourself the corner chisel to finish it off.  I also use a Trend ledging router bit to put on the leading - edges of the door - expensive at ?50 but worth it for speed of production.  Particularly useful on those moulded doors where it's really difficult to plane the edges smoothly because of the poor quality of the timber used (pallet wood, as I call it).

Just used the above combination on a job.  Less than 5 minutes to put the leading edge on a door and cut perfect hinge recesses (door and frame).  If I was hanging doors all the time I would buy two hinge jigs and leave one setup for the 3" hinges and one for the 4".  Having said that it's only 5 minutes to setup once you know how to do it.

I've no connection to Trend, I just appreciate that their jigs are the best available.  Their worktop jig is head and shoulders better than anyone elses.


That Trend jig is sweet.  Priced like the blue and green.   [wink]

I used the Hinge-Mate:
Note that I am not a professional contractor but used this to mortise all the replacement doors in our house (total of 9).  I was very, very satisfied with the results.  You size the opening to the actual hinge and it includes a bearing bit which takes care of the necessary offset.  A quick smack with a corner chisel and all done.
It also allows you to do mating mortises on the door jamb, *prior* to installing the jamb.  I did this with two doorways I replaced.  Worked exquisitely.
Drawback:  You have to move to jig to route each mortise.  It is not a lengthy jig allowing positioning of all hinge mortises at once.

Lee Valley also offers what seems like a nice hinge mortising system.  Only $62.50 USD:

And finally, this was the top-of-the-heap when I was researching hinge jigs 2 years back.  Porter-Cable's system, priced about the same as the Trend:

Thanks for the info folks, just to clarify I do have a Trend Hinge Jig, I just don't tend to use it unless I have a few doors to do in one go. I just wondered what the options were with the 1010 and guide bushes.......sounds like a different spacer is the perfect solution.
How does the little router perform in general any pros or cons with the handle configuration? I have only ever had routers in the past with 'conventional' handles.

Hello there, I use the small Bosch Palm router and an alloy hinge jig for doors only I tend not to do new builds but get loads of re-furbs so replacing doors in whole house type jobs.

 Anyway the TS55 is the dogs danglies for trimming a door, since I bought mine the Festool planer has not been out of the box for doors. And a leading edge is also a doddle with the saw.


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