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Title: ES150/3 vs ETS150/3
Post by: fuzzy logic on February 19, 2013, 03:12 AM
Not long read the topic re. difference between the DS400E, &, DTS400EQ.
Similarly, could anyone tell me internal differences between the older ES / newer ETS.

(Originally bought the ES150/3 by mistake off eBay (was incorrectly described as ETS) and thought it couldn't use the multi-stream (17 hole) pad for improved dust collection; but had work to do, and couldn't be bothered to pursue it in the end.)
However (thanks to Festool UK) it turned out both sanders can use the multi-stream pad; making the ES150/3 just as good at dust collection.

It happened that in the meantime had bought an ETS150/3.
I'm very pleased with both sanders - so just curious as to the difference.
The only difference I can see externally, is that the top of the ES is slightly bigger - and reckon that some might prefer the slightly smaller top of the ETS (ergonomically.)
But...are there any internal differences that make the ETS better?
An example of my thinking is, that perhaps the ETS was just cheaper to make, whilst maintaining durablilty/performance, or, did they incorporate improved sealed bearings..?