Author Topic: ETS EC 125 EQ + 150mm Multi Jetstream 2 + Abranet = Best sander combo ever?  (Read 697 times)

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To my fellow Festool aficionados, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this will be helpful to anyone else who might have wondered if this combo is practical or even possible.

I bought the ETS EC 125 EQ Sander as soon as it came out. It was worth every penny and has been my goto workhorse for everything from drywall sanding to finish sanding between coats of poly on my new doors. I've used it on nearly every surface of my house, inside and out. Connected to the dust extractor it's like I was never even there!

Okay okay enough of my love affair with this thing... you probably already know what I'm talking about.

When sanding drywall a lot of dust still evades capture and falls to the floor. In fact, every time I use it to sand drywall I would search to see if Festool solved this problem yet. Recently, Festool announced the Multi-Jetstream 2 which appears to be the perfect solution to my problem... more air, means better dust capture. Phil even demonstrates the capability in a video here:

I didn't see a Multi-Jetstream 2 pad for the 125 size sander but the attachment part of the interface pads appeared identical across the 125 & 150 pads so I ordered the 150 interface pad hoping it would fit on my 125 sander. [big grin] It works perfectly!

I found a seller on eBay who was selling the pad and shipped it to the US with no hassle at all:

Whenever I sand drywall I found the Abranet interface pad and 5" Abranet discs to capture significantly more dust than the 9 hole Festool paper. In the pictures below you can see the white areas where the dust sort of gets trapped. Not perfect.

Since they don't sell the Multi-Jetstream 2 paper in the US yet I picked up some Abranet 150 discs. They attach to the Multi-Jetstream 2 pad directly and don't need the soft interface pad.

After some tests, I'm loving this new setup. The dust capture appears to be 2x as good as before AND I can switch between 5" and 6" sanding pads as needed. Until Festool brings their Multi-jetstream 2 paper this will work fabulously.

Let me know if you have any questions. I also plan to upload a video showing this setup used on different surfaces.

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