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I wonder if the owners of Festool CMS GE router table could share their experience about how much room this router table takes when it is folded for storage (or transportation). I've read that it is shipped on a pallet, which makes me think that it might require a lot of space. On the other hand, I saw pictures of it folded into a fairly small unit (but this was without the sliding miter table and outfeed table).

My dilemma is that I like good quality tools, but I do not have a shop to set them up permanently. When I work on my home remodeling project or small weekend projects, I assemble the tools that I need in the garage, but then have to put them back on shelves or in a storage space inside of my home to make room for cars. Transportation of the router table is not planned (I am not in the construction business), but storage is a big deal for me.

Right now I have a Bosch router table (the blue plastic one) with its standard fence... which kind of does what it is supposed to do, but offers nothing to be excited about.

If someone could share pictures of CMS GE table completely folded and disassembled for storage, or provide some rough dimensions of how much room it takes, it would be a great help.

I might have some other questions about the functionality of this table, but I will ask them separately. Thank you!
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Re: Festool CMS GE router table - how much room is need for storage?
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I don't recall it arriving on a pallet; I think it was several UPS sized boxes.

Here are a few pics of it folded up (it fits under an MFT as a reference). These pics show the router left in place, but don't include the sliding table, outfeed, etc. Hopefully you can make out the approximate ruler marks. (it's less than 26" x 19")

I had one of the older Bosch tables previously, the one with the blue plastic base and the aluminum top. It worked ok, and even the dust collection wasn't bad with the 50mm hose attached to the rear port and over to the CT. If nothing else, the CMS is better in that you can use an MFT or two for helping with long pieces.

Storage is paramount for me, since I don't have any shop space, and the CMS has worked out well on that front.
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Re: Festool CMS GE router table - how much room is need for storage?
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I'd guess you'd need half a cubic meter. I do, but i store the module by itself , not in the GE unit.
Fence and oddsnends take up quite a bit of space as well.
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Re: Festool CMS GE router table - how much room is need for storage?
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2015, 02:45 AM »
Just want to thank both FOG members for sharing pictures and dimensions, this was quite helpful!

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I have forgotten the rules of bringing up old post here so please forgive.

On topic, does anyone have an idea of the systainer storability of the bits and pieces (fence, slider) i spec my van to hold some midi systainers but maxi would not be efficient. I have been thinking about upgradeing to the cms-ge but would work best if the bits fit in the bits box :D