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Fiber cement blade for ts75?

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Hey guys I'm looking for a blade suitable for fiber cement. Have a lot of WEDI panel to cut and it's eating up my wood blades fast and I can't find a cement type blade anywhere. I heard about the festool PCD blade but can't find any info about it anywhere.

Any tips of what blade will work or which blade will work but I can send to somewhere to get it bored out to 30mm arbor and where would I send it to get the arbor cut?


You'll have to have the PDC imported;


Any blade sharpener should be able to rebore a blade.


[I am updating this post as a summary about the topic of fiber cement blades that fit the Festool tracksaws.]

CMT and Frezite make fiber cement blades that fit the TS 75 amd TS 55. The photo attached to this message shows the difference in shapes of the CMT and Frezite blades.  Have any European FOG-ers compared the CMT and Frezite blades?

US CMT source  http://www.tool-home.com/products/catalog/contact_us.php (Tom Bellemare)
CMT 236.190.04M 4 tooth blade for TS 75 costs around US$93
CMT 236.190.12M 12 tooth blade for TS 75 costs around US$160
CMT 236.160.04H 4 tooth blade for TS 55 costs around US$93
CMT 236.160.10H 10 tooth blade for TS 55 costs around US$140

US Frezite source http://dinosaw.com/contact.htm (Gregg Warchol)
Frezite part A887.190.012.30 12 tooth blade for TS75 costs about US$300
Frezite part A887.160.010.20 10 tooth blade for TS55 costs about US$250

CMT information

Frezite information
 page 8.5 http://www.frezite.com/docs/catalogo_geral/eng/08_Frezite_Policrystalline/files/assets/common/downloads/publication.pdf

This video shows the polycrystalline diamond (PCD) MAIScut blade made by Frezite being used in a Festool TS 55.

This video show a Frezite blade in a Mafell MT55.

Hans Mertens:
Don't know if CMT is available in the US, but they make a blade for fiber cement, Ø190mm with a Ø30mm bore, perfect for the TS75.  I have that blade both for the TS55 and TS75, and use it to cut sheets of 8mm thick fiber cement, perfect, long lasting.  So the WEDI boards should give you no trouble at all.

CMT 236-series blade - Europe

The TS75 blade cost about €145 (sales  tax of 21% included), not cheap...

Apparently in th US there offering is more limited.

CMT fiber cement - US

Tom Bellemare:
I use the 236.004.07, 7-1/4" PCD blade, on my cheapo Ryobi. It cuts Hardie like a hot knife through butta'. They're actually orange not like shown in the image on my site.

I sell those blades and can get the blades from Europe but it can take 3-4 weeks to get them here.



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