Author Topic: How long does a TS55 blade last and do you get them resharpened?  (Read 916 times)

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Since usage patterns vary widely and I'm a hobbyist, can anyone give me a sense of scale for how long a TS55 blade will last before the quality of the cut starts to show it.  Maybe a guess at how many sheets of plywood you'd break down before changing the blade?
I've had my TS55 for 4-5 years now and I've done a bunch of cabinets and I've been noticing some minor tearout lately - might be the blade or it might be something else.

Do you get the blades sharpened (where?) or just replace them?

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I bought my TS55 in December 2017. Cut at least 700 linear feet on 12, 15 and 18mm Baltic Birch ply and it cut like new. I haven't cut any hardwood yet. I found a cheaper version from Amana tools as a replacement so I can get the original one re-sharpened.

P.S. When I make a cut I am very cautious, always clamp on a long cut and let the saw do the cut with a steady pace.

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Look at your blade as to how dirty the teeth are, that will give some indication that it at least needs a cleaning, probably also a sharpening. Knowing when to sharpen is just something you get a feel for. Saying that I just processed about 50-60 sheets of MDF and birch ply and I could feel the saw working harder towards the end. You could try throwing a new blade on and compare the cuts, if you feel and see a difference, send the blade out for sharpening.

I have a local sharpening service that does mine.

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