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I did it all for the cookies!
« on: June 01, 2018, 05:46 PM »
Got an email today reminding me about cookies...bench cookies to be exact. I had set up an email reminder to let me know when they came on sale, and they just came up on sale. If you go into the store it may require showing the website to get the sale price which is what I had to last year. Last time they came on sale I bought the Master Kit, which was well over a year ago.

Cookies are nice to eat, and of course the kind we are discussing here to hold your project as you work on it. The master kit also comes with pointed stands for performing finish work. So the challenge is the master kit is set up for 19mm holes, yet most of us use the 20mm pattern, plus they are designed for a thicker table, which means the nuts will never get tight on a normal thickness MFT table. Since the stands for the cookies do not need to be concentric all we have to do is to create some spacers. 1/4" is not thick enough; 1/2" works just fine. Since I have lots of Corian solid surface scrap laying around that is what I chose to use. Wood would work fine too. They can be square on the outside, but I already had a hole saw drill set out, so I clamped the Corian down on some scrap wood, cut the inside hole first, then drilled out the outside. The scrap underneath kept the drill centered and I surely wasn't worried about perfection. A touch with the RO90 sander left softened edges. The email also reminded me I had wanted to move the cookies from a separate Ridgid tool box into my SYS-MFT-3 which stores all my MFT/3 accessories. Slight reorganization of my tools which happens sometimes for logical reasons, but not so often as to loose memory of where everything is.

Anyhow this gives you an idea of the kits contents and the different mounting methods available. I inverted one of the stands to show how it mounts what would be below the table. The short stands make sure the cookies do not move against the table at all.

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